Installed 8800 GTX USB ports not working...?

I just installed my 8800gtx into my computer. It had been sitting off for about 2 weeks. I inserted the new card, and booted it up. The mouse wasn't working although the lights on it(sensitivity controls) were lit up. The keyboard however was. I unplugged the mouse and reinserted it and it was fine. The driver disk prompted me to unistall old Nvidia drivers and then to restart. After restart I can't get any of my USB ports to work with the mouse or keyboard. Again the lights on the mouse are on, and the light for numlock on the keyboard is lit up. So it appears they are connected what they wont communicate with the computer. Nothing is working. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

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  1. ahhh 16 views no one knows? Hmm I can't seem to find anything anywhere about this issue......
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