I have gone through two sets of corsair vs512mb400 memory.

Memtest86 always finds the same error at 325.00MB on test #6

One out of like 3 passes it will fail this one, Some days it won't fail and will run memtest all day.

But system has always been stable.

is this a problem or just a memtest glitch

The windows version of memtest has no errors!

AMD 4000+ Sandiego
2GB corsair vs512mb400 512MBx4
2WD 160Gb HDD Raid0
Abit AT8 32X mobo
X1900XTX Crossfire
2x Samsung Lightscribe drives
750Watt PSU
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  1. Try Raising the RAM voltage a bit
  2. I have tried up to 2.6V no change.
    and i have replaced all the sticks error is in the same spot!
  3. Memtest 86+ v 1.7 the one that came out on the 14th
  4. Ok will do right now right?
  5. It may also be that this ValueSelect memory is not compatible with your system. Unlike Corsair's premium memory, which is top-quality, Corsair's ValueSelect line is just contracted out to the cheapest bidder and then relabeled as ValueSelect. I consider it to be no better than generic RAM. Other manufacturers, such as Kingston, seem to have much higher quality "value" lines.
  6. I have played Battlefield 2142 for 10Hr non stop and then ran memtest for windows no errors so i think its just an error for my board in memtest86

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