post your STABLE E6600 o'c here (E6600 only)

would be nice to build a database of how E6600 is overclocked using diff. specs., could also be a guide for newbies and noobs like me. hope we can follow a certain pattern such as:

Processor: E6600

Motherboard: GA-965P-DS4

RAM: Nanya tech.(Kingmax) PC667; 512mb x2
timing: 4-4-3-10 @ 357MHz
multiplier: x9
core speed: 3213MHz

vcore: 1.28v
vdimm: 1.8v + 0.3v = 2.1v
mch: +0.05v
fsb: +0.05v

Cooling solution: gigabyte G-power

Temperatures: using coretemp and/or speedfan
idle: 48C
load: 63C
ambient(room temp): 28C

note: must pass at least 4hrs of orthos before posting... for stability :arrow:
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  1. I like the idea i just hope people post!
  2. There is such data base on overclocker and xtremesystems if you want access to more information.

    E6600 8X440 : 3.520ghz at 1.4375v , tuniq tower, 38 idle 60 load . 8h+ stable
    week: L629B

    8X450 @3.6 is only 3h stable dual prime, still could tweak some voltage but 3.520 is good enough for 24/7
  3. hope you can post your mobo and ram specs. , thank you for the reply and post.
  4. I built an HTPC for my Pa and I just had to overclock it.

    cheap A-DATA 800Mhz RAM
    timings 5-5-5-15
    400 base clock
    8x multiplier
    1:1 memory ratio
    3.2 Ghz
    Voltages: CPU 1.25v Mem 1.8v
    Temps low 40s idle mid-high 60s loaded
    stock cooler

    More power than dear ol' Dad will need.
    I got it up to 3.6 stable, but the temps were starting to get too high.
  5. oh well it seems i really have to upgrade my RAM to PC800 if i want to go higher... Darn. thanks for the post.
  6. P5B-Dlx is the mobo
    Ram is Buffalo firestix, running at 4-4-4-12 2.1V
  7. very nice RAMs... makes me want to get mine soon...
  8. See my signature... I've had it up to 3.8ghz stable, but the temps and voltage weren't anywhere near reasonable for 24/7 usage. I settled on 3.5ghz for the pimp vcore (below 1.4v) and great temps.
  9. those temps are great, sure hope i could get near them as soon as my tuniq 120 arrives...
    thanks for the replies...
  10. That is a nice vCore indeed for a 3.5 OC, is it the set vCore in bios or from the program doing the reading? And is that dual prime stable?

    Anyway solid OC.
  11. i found this while looking around.. its pretty helpful
  12. That's my bios selected vcore. It is 100% orthos (dual prime) stable... tested on a 12 hour run. :lol:
  13. E6600 @ 3.2GHz // FSB 400MHz

    VCore 1.325V

    Idle 29-33
    Games 39-45
    Dual Prime95 max 52

    OCZ Golden Gamers eXtreme DDR2 800 // 5-5-5-12 @ 2.0V
  14. those are very nice oc's with ver nice temps. i do advice you post your room temps so we would know what your starting point is. thanks...
  15. Hhmm im very suprised that some of you are stable at such low vcores.

    I run my e6600 on an asus commando, 9*400=3600 mhz with a 1.5v vcore.

    I run 3gb of ddr800gskill and 1 gb geil (all matched ) at 5-5-5-15.

    I'm also on swiftech watercooling. I idle about 40 and around 48-50 under load. Interestingly enough I can run stabily at 3.3ghz with a 1.325 vcore and i idle about 30 and on load less than 40.

    I know I could push this further but the required vcore rises exponentially the higher I push the chip. FOr example to reach 3900mhz I need to push around 1.6 even with watercooling this is pushing the limits I feel comfortable with.

    At 3.6 I can boot into windows at a 1.45 vcore, it also runs TAT stabily for 30 minutes or so. And TAT is probably more stressful than prime 95.

    However if i run the cpu tests in either 3dmark05 and 3d mark 06 the system crashes. Have you guys used the cpu tests in 3d mark to test your overclock?
  16. Quote:
    P5B-Dlx is the mobo
    Ram is Buffalo firestix, running at 4-4-4-12 2.1V

    labbbby, what are your CPU temps at idle and load?
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