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Hi. I'm new here. The question is I have GeForce 6200 and I want to buy a new one like GF7600GT or RX1800GTO I dont know which is better?
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  1. What do you intend using it for? What games will you be playing?
  2. I want to play The Elder scrolls 4: oblivion. Which is better goes on this game?
  3. Thank you for the advice. But someone told me that GeForce 8600 Ultra is coming and its not so expensive. So I better wait till....
  4. Ati does better on Elder scrolls 4: Oblivion than Nvidia.

    RX1800GTO from your list, better if you can afford it.
  5. LOL I doubt either will run it very well. It struggles on mine.
  6. The x1800GTO is marginally better (check google for benchies) but it should cost you a little more. If u find them both for the same price, go for the x1800GTO

    edit: that 8600ultra is just an rumor, dont base your upgrading options on that rumor yet...
  7. Although we don't know anything abuot it, the 8600 should be considered. Either way, it's a pretty lousy time to consider buying a new mid-range card, although the the 1900XT and Pro are excellent value.
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