Enough power with this build? and is PSU an ok unit?

Hello, im putting together a new comp and with all the higher power needs right now, i would like to know if this case/PSU combo is an ok choice.

my build will be...
intel core 2 duo E6600
MSI P965 Platinum
Sapphire radeon x1950 XT
2 sticks of Corsair XMS2 ddr2 800
2 Western Digital Caviar SE16 256GB harddrives
Sound Blaster Audigy 4 SE
and some random cd drive

the Case/PSU combo is the RAIDMAX SMILODON case with 500W PSU

here is a link for the case


i hope the case/PSU combo is ok because for one it looks really cool and it has the highest output for a PSU/case combo. i just had putting PSU's in cases hehe. i have heard their PSU's arent too bad but i would like to hear from the pros (aka, you guys)
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  1. I wouldnt trust that psu, $89 is pretty much as low as you would pay for a good 500w psu. The fact that its bundled with a case tells me its no good. This is my psu, and my build isnt too different from yours. If $150 is too much this one or this one would work as well.
  2. ^^ that PSU looks good but it has the cooling fan on the top? how do you fit that in most cases?
  3. could we say that the rule of thumb is: a psu bundled with a case (or vice versa) - is a p.o.s.?
  4. btw the case/psu combo above has one 12v rail with 28A output
  5. Yes. With regard to garbage PSU's with case.

    Dump the case PSU, if you can't dump the PSU without dumping the case. Dump the case.

    Plenty of quality reasonably priced PSU's out there.
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