One long, three short beeps at POST with P5B Deluxe Wifi


Every so often when I boot up I get one long and three short beeps, which I've found out is a graphics card error message, but it always boots and runs fine afterwards. I'm just wondering if I should worry about the cause of the beeps or if the fact that everything's running fine means I can ignore it?

I'm using a Sapphire x1950xt 256 which I have overclocked using ATI tray tools if it helps.

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  1. Asus P5B Deluxe Wifi
    E6400 @ 3.0ghz w. Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro
    2Gb Geil PC-6400
    Sapphire x1950xt 256
    320Gb Seagate Barracuda
    Dell 207wfp
    drives, blah blah
  2. woops oh yeah 600w Seasonic S-12
  3. Yeah I've done that once to no effect, would raising the PCI Express voltage a little bit help do you think?
  4. As long as your videocard keeps on working, there isn't really a problem. (might be a short MB lock-up, mine has it 2....)
  5. Yeah that's what I'm thinking, I'll just live with it for now, and hope it doesn't evolve into a bigger issue.
  6. Have you looked at the Asus support site to see if this is an issue in either their forums or in BIOS updates? Do you have the latest BIOS installed? If there's a MB error, that might clear it up. No offense intended, but it might also be that Sapphire card; my experience with that company is they are prone to hardware errors. It might be worth an RMA, just so you don't have something crop up in the future, after your warranty expires.
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