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im just wondering its been a while, how long does it take for a moderator to review and change ur picture for ur avatar?


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    It usually is approved or denied within 24 hours.
  2. well ive asked someone about that and seems theres a bug in the website, that has problems changing my avatar or others have the same issue, kind of frustrating.
  3. You are trying to replace your avatar? There was an issue awhile ago where someone was trying to replace their avatar and kept uploading a file with the same name as the avatar they currently had, and it wasn't overwriting.
  4. thats me, any way i can change it, really irratating im sick of my the big lebowski avatar, any help would appreciated, ive contacted mods but they said theres an issue with it, ? thanks, been driving me nuts
  5. Did you try uploading another image, with a different filename?
  6. yes, but still doesnt do anything, know of any fix for this?
  7. Unfortunately no. I'll ask the dev team if there's been any progress on addressing this issue. They do know about it.
  8. alright i really appreciate it thanks.
  9. I actually ran into the same problem.. Been tying to upload a new Avatar (change it) for the past week or so. When uploading, it basically tell's me its "waiting for approval"

    Tried uploading the image named differently a few times.. but still the same thing.. Was wondering the same thing as iceclock, how long does it take to approve an avatar!

    Hopefully the problem/bug gets fixed in the near future ;) (if i am indeed affected by the issue mentioned above)
  10. yes hopefully with the new forum things will be fixed.
  11. As long as you upload an avatar with a different file extension that you haven't used previously it will work. That means you've got 3 avatars at most (JPG, PNG and GIF) and then you're stuck with those three. It has nothing to do with the approval process; it's definitely a bug.
  12. nice! Thanks randomizer.. going to give that a go

    Appreciate it my good man
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