D805 now & E6600 later, or just wait?

I am having to replace a P3-1.2G that I built several years ago; I was planning to replace it in May, but it's looking like it will have to be sooner. Since the timing is off, I am on an extremely tight budget (<$500 US).

I want an E6600, but I was wondering if it would make sense to get a D805 now (or a D820, they're $6 more) and upgrade in the future. I am not planning on using the 805 as a heater (I mean OC).

Or, should I try and limp the current system along until March or so and get an E4300 or E6300, OC it some, and forget about the E6600 altogether?

I guess what I really need to know is when they might be affordable to me (E6600--around $250 US, E4300 or E6300-- sub $150 US).
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  1. Wait.

    If you've put up with that system for as long as you have, a few more months won't hurt and you'll save a lot.
  2. WAIT!
  3. I'm with them on waiting. Can your current system handle more RAM? Might be worth it to spend $20-40 if it can to get you to May.
  4. Wait. the prices are dropping on C2D sometime in quarter 2.
  5. There is to be a Price Gouge sometime in Quarter 2 I think... or soon after that. So do wait.

  6. The intel 805 is a good cpu for the buck i think its gr8. and with the stock cooler you can achieve 3Ghz without any problems. this will give you a considerable boost inperformance without noticing any higher temperatures also without beign overcloked its still a good cpu. so i suggest to buy the 805 now. Wait soeme two years and with the price difference you can buy a much better cpu at that time :)
  7. you can wait or you can buy now a celeron
  8. Ok, so its pretty much been a unanimous vote of wait.
  9. wait
  10. Well, you could wait. They are always bringing in newer and faster parts and it is hard to keep up, but at some point you have to bite the bullet.

    Intel C2D will be substantially lowered in price in the April to June period this year. After prices settle down: E4300 $113; E4400 $133; E6320 (4M cache) $163 among others. These are very attractive purchases. Like a little birdie told me, "Cheep, Cheep!" Overclocked they will blow the doors off any other processor.

    Also m/b's for the C2D will have matured with newer revisions & bios, which should iron out many of the inadequacies of current platforms.

    Microsoft is releasing a brand new operating system Vista very shortly.

    DirectX 10 will debut soon and newer video cards are needed to take advantage of this enhancement.

    I think you had it about right my friend. If your current system can hang in there, wait until May. You could probably buy a faster and better running system then, which might have much better future utility over a system bought today.
  11. I guess I should also wait on my new build. I was planning on a new system with an E6600 and building it on Vista. It is probably better to wait until May 2007 as the C2D prices will fall and Vista should become a little more stable. :P
  12. Thanks for the replies. The pricing info will help my willpower. I hope the PC holds up until May-June.
    I wanted to replace it 2 years ago, but the P4 was crap, and I still didn't trust AMD (I'm a former K6-2 owner, WITH a VIA chipset. Aaaarrrggghh!!!). So I waited for Intel. Last year I was finally convinced that AMD was great and was going to buy a 939 system, and AMD put out the AM2 socket with its MAMMOTH performance increase (uhhh, not) as an interim solution (can anyone say--AM3?).
    Then Conroe came out, RAM prices went sky high, and I've been waiting for stable chipsets (btw, what's the deal with having to buy a stick of 1.8V memory before you can use the good stuff? That's lame. Has that been fixed, or do 965 chipsets still have the problem?). I suppose I'll keep waiting for generation 2. Does Intel have a 985 or some such chipset in the works?

    --Tired of waiting. Sigh...
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