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I just bought a 7800 GS "goes like hell" AGP Graphics card and have yet to install it. The problem being is I Have an AMD 3000xp in a Compac case and still have the standard PSU that came in the case. It's a 250 watt - I read that the 7800 are power hungry. I only have 1 optical device and 1 hard drive being powered at the moment & currently have an ATI x800 pro - Do I need to get a new psu before installing the card? OR If I just install it could I damage the card, motherboard & CPU. ANy help would be appreciated. :?
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  1. If you install it and it fails, ycould fry any or all parts of your system.

    Look for a new one (500w or higher if you're upgrading again in the next 12 months)
  2. thanks for the reply - are all psu's a standard size? Im just concerned that my case maybe too small as it's a Compaq box?
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