1x 1 gb Kingston/Corsair vs. 2x 512 mb Samsung

Hi dudes... here i am again :D

so .. which of them will give me a better performance ??!?!
- 1 gb DDR2 667 Kingston/Corsair Single Mode
- 2 x 512 mb DDR2 667 Samsung Dual Channel

This is all about money heheheh
and i will not upgrade for 2 gb so soon ! maybe just in 1/2 years :P
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  1. if its not about money, the 2x512 modules will definately be faster.

    Brands don't really matter unless you're overclocking them, since both will run at the rated DDR667 speeds.

    You might wanna consider the 1gb stick though, since 2x1gb leaves room for further upgrades as opposed to 4x512. Also, IF i remember correctly, there are issues with the memory controller accessing 4 dual-in-line modules or something :P correct me if i'm wrong
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