Does the 8800GTX fit in your case?

Since the 8800gtx is such a huge friggin vid card I am bit worried whether it would fit good in my Asus Vento 3600. Does anyone have the Asus 3600 and the 8800gtx? Or have u had any problems fitting the 8800gtx in your case... I heard from ppl that they had to take out the HDD cage to fit to fit it in.
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  1. Ye I saw that link but wasnt sure because there were some differences between

    and your link. (Eg. Anatech say that the 8800gtx fits in the Antec 180B but maximumpc says it doesnt.)
  2. yay it will fit in my furture antec 900 :lol:
  3. I have two watercooled 8800GTX's in an antec p180b.
    Acutally it would have been possible without removing the middle drive bay, but I did because thats where my watercooling pumps are.
  4. Thanks for the link, had forgotten what magazine it was that had that thread.

    Finally on the last page of that thread someone confirmed that 8800GTXs in SLI will fit a NZXT Zero case. Thats what I plan to get around summer end/early fall for my next build :)
  5. Quote:
    yay it will fit in my furture antec 900 :lol:

    I just bought the Antec 900 and love it. my 8800GTX DID fit, HOWEVER, I did have to remove the internal 120mm fan mount on the top drive cage. It might have fit with it in, but I just went ahead and removed it to avoid frustration.
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