Dual core 2.2GHZ or single Core 2.4GHZ?????

Stuck for choice here, I play allot of BF2 and the like, I have a 4000+ Single core cpu right now but seen the dual core 3800+, 4200+ and 4600+ cpu's prices are pretty low. Is it worth upgrading to one of the above cpu's over my current 4000+ (2.4GHZ) cpu and will dual core make any difference to games such as Battlefield 2 / 2142 ??

Thanks in advance

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  1. No it will not make that big of a difference, BF2 is a ram hog. The more the better. Going from one gig to two gig's almost doubled the verfiy client data times :wink:
  2. I beleive that getting a dual core cpu will really benefit you for everyday multitasking and for future software.

    Newegg has an Opteron 165 for cheep, and they will even thrown in a free gift, these line of processors are like the diamonds of OCalbe cpu's.


    I have an opty 170and it comes stock @ 2.0 Ghz, I OC this little demon to 3.14Ghz. Now thats a kiler leap in performance! :wink:
  3. Crossposting FTL tbh.

    Oh and save money for Core 2 Duo/K8L build in half a years time or so.
  4. The 939 dual core cpu's are going quickly not sure how much longer they will be around so if you really want one go for it. BUT.... IMO I would stick with what you have. More memory would help. Do you have a decent video card?
  5. Sorry, I did cross post but didn't know how to remove the one.

    I have 2 gig Corsair 4400 ram and a XfX 7800 GTX 512 XXX edition card. 21" LCD, etc
  6. that wud fly bf2 and a lot of other games besides that, isnt worth upgrading now id wait see what comes out in the next year or so however if u really want to upgrade and get faster FPS's go for a faster graphics card, but as i sed personally i think there isnt much worth in it at this point with those specs
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