Proposal to Tomshardware: Best CPU+GPU Combo, in US$ and watts

Best CPU and Best GPU articles are the articles that I regularly read. I love them.

But still, I'm unsure how to best combine info from both article types.

E.g., say I have US$400, to get the most performance (gaming, encoding), should I get US$100 CPU + US$300 GPU, or $200 CPU + US$200 GPU? At what wattage cost?

I believe Tomshardware can step it up easily bettering those articles with: "Best CPU+GPU Combo." Under $200 category, $300, $400, etc. Under 150 watt, 200, 250, etc.

To simplify testing requirement. Other parameters such as mobo, RAM, SSD, can be fixed for both Intel and AMD platforms. Even to simplify further wattage can use TDP as per specification (not per measurement).

Even to simplify further, AMD platforms (CPU) can be put out of the testing list. Admit it, their recent products is nowhere as fast and low-wattage as Intel's.

Who's with me?
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  2. like the idea, but you are getting close to the system builder marathons as you need to end up at platform cost and platform watts.
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