X1950XT 512MB with 1.8GHz GDDR4 ???

HUH, say what? Has anyone seen one of these cards?

I thought Digiti-lifes new charts had the X1950XT 256MB in it, but then clicked and saw this card. http://www.digit-life.com/articles2/digest3d/1206/itogi-video-radeonx1950xt-512.html They also have the XTX with the 2.0GHz GDDR4.

It looked like they just underclocked a XTX to XT speeds. But searching a bit more, and ATI's site seems to suggest that 512MB GDDR4 X1950XT's clocked 625/1800 do exist. http://ati.amd.com/products/certified/infotek.html

But Gecubes site only mentions a 256MB version of the X1950XT. And all 512MB X1950XT searches come back with old results where it was a typo and should have said XTX.

If the ATI pic is to be trusted, they have the nice XTX cooler on them. I feel like a mistake has been made, but who knows. Again, it seems to me Digit-life just underclocked a XTX to XT speeds...which would be useless info. I was hoping they would have reviewed and added the X1950XT 256MB (625/1800 GDDR3) to their charts. I still want to see a decent review showing exactly how it stacks up to the 512MB X1900XT and/or XTX.
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  1. *bump*

    Has anyone seen one of these cards? Thinks it's a typo, an underclocked XTX, or a new silently released card?
  2. Not sure if I've seen it or not, wasn't keeping an eye open for them, but if I do, will pass along the savings.... err... info to you. :mrgreen:
  3. Hey, thx for the reply, even if it was a sympathy bump. :tongue:

    I'm just curious where Digit-life pulled that card from for their newest charts, and why they benched that one not the 256MB version that is widely available. Maybe ATI made a few XTX's downlocked to 1.8GHz mem and labeled as press sample X1950XT's. That way it looks between a X1950XTX and X1900XTX and people just buy the 256MB version assuming they are the same. Who knows, my curiousity stems from the lack of X1950XT 256MB / X1900XT(X) 512MB comparisons. I mean in my eyes, the X1950XT is the hottest buy for those who don't go all out for a G80. Yet, the big review sites have ignored it completely.
  4. http://www.theinquirer.net/default.aspx?article=37245

    Just an update. It seems there will be a 512MB version of the X1950XT. Also concerns me when they say "fiddle". Fiddling with the amount of RAM is one thing, and even a positive thing. Same with putting on say an XTX cooler. But I hope we don't start seeing 6 different clock speed variations out there (mostly crippled from reference) like we do with some models. :roll:
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