8800gts bottleing from cpu?

I recently purchased a 8800gts over the holidays and i have to say the performance kicks ass. Every game on max details every time. The only thing that concerns me is that the framerate in some games jumps all over the place, mostly in need for speed most wanted. I run the game at max detail AF 16x AA 16x and 1280 by 1024 res. And sometimes the framrate drops to 25 fps when alot of cops are chasing me and i am driving through the park. Then it jumps back up to 40-60 fps.

I read before that the 8800 series cards getting bottleneck by any cpu under a Core 2 Duo. I also read that if one cranks up the detail and resolution then the bottleneck disappears. They also said that a AMD Athlon 64 3500+ should be enough to push a 8800 card.

Is this true? or is my system suffering a serious bottle neck?

BFG 8800gts 640mb
AMD 3700+ 2.4ghz (socket 754)
1 GB Kingston RAM (single Channel)
Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 4
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  1. Yeah, you're pushing it....have you tried to OC the CPU? Try it, and see if it helps. If the CPU is bottling, you should notice a tangible difference with a modest OC.

    The single channel RAM is also limiting memory bandwidth, I would think this is LESS of a concern, but still a factor. Is your ram good enough for a modest OC as well?
  2. I would say the bottleneck is more in the Processor than the ram. Consider upgrading to a dual-core AMD processor, or just overhaul it with a Intel C2D setup. Then eventually or right then and there, add 1 more gig of ram, and you will definitely see a huge difference guaranteed.
  3. there IS a search feature on these forums.

    there's also this great new website called google.
  4. The CPU is still pretty decent, and RAM is enough for most games.

    Try overclocking the CPU, you should see some improvements.

    Getting a whole new platform, such as C2D isn't necessarily worth it depending on what you do.
  5. I haven't tried overclocking the CPU yet, as i have heard that the socket 754 platform doesn't overclock very well. As for the RAM , its the Kingston Value RAM so i have no idea how that would over clock. I will still probably over clock the CPU so see if it is the bottleneck. Any suggestions on how far i should try and push the CPU?
  6. I strongly belieave its your lack of ram. I think a 2.4 is a decent enough processor to run need for speed but lacks it ram. I think you will watch your lag disappear when you add another stick of ram.

    I know ram upgrade made a huge differnce on both of my pc. I can most def tell the differnce.

    I had 1g of Geli ram. I upgraded to 2g now my pc is flying.
  7. I know that these days 1gb seems pretty tame, but the graphics card has 640mb of RAM. 3d mark 2003 reports that i have 1 GB of video ram (640 from video card and the rest from normal ram). So why do the games need more than this?
  8. One more thing, i play all of the games at 1280 by 1024 with 16X AA (supersampling Transparency) 16XAF. When i turn AA down to normal 4X the framerates go up by about 4-5 frames per second. I thought this would have no affect on framerate's given the pure power of the G80.
  9. At higher resolutions your cpu becomes less of a problem here, your bottlenecks really are your ram size and bandwidth.
    Change to a new cpu, and thus motherboard, and thus ram.
    If you can't do all 3 now, then wait until you can.
    I don't see the point in spending the money for another gig of now legacy ram on a single channel cpu.
    If you were on a 939 platform at least I'd probably say go for it, and get yourself a cheap opty too, like I did, but such isn't the case.
    Save up some scratch and go C2D or AM2, whichever your budget can fix.

    While the card can display the textures all nice, fast, and pretty it still has to get them from somewhere and, I suspect it's your memory that's mostly choking you.
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