striker extreme with 7950 gx2 problem

i just bought a new system

CPU: Intel E6600
MB: Asus Striker Extreme, BIOS : 0801
RAM: 2 X 1 Giga Corsair PC 8500 Dominator
VGA: XFX Geforce 7950 GX2
HD: 2 X 250 Giga WD SATA 2 , 16MB
DVD-RW: Nec X16
Power Supply : Hec 580W

ive been having some troubles,
i install windows and all drivers very smoothily, but when i start installing the vga drivers , the windows becomes unstable, start flickering, and becomes verly slow, sometimes even restarts, i wanted to know, is the new nforce 680i chipset supports the 7950 gx2 ?
im really in pain here , i cant wait to use my new system , but im stuck.
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  1. its not any of the brands listed on the list, but maybe its worth looking into

    Nvidia 680i

    as for compatability, the 680i shud be compatable with all pci-express graphics cards, if no joy though id try get in contact with nvidia or asus as could either be a chipset error or connection problems with the mobo

    other than that, sorry im clueless lol
  2. hi,
    i already seen this patch - useless to me, not my MB.
    also, i contacted, asus, nvidia and XFX. nothing special there.
    infact they gave me the same link :)

    check this out, the reply from asus:
    Striker Extreme could support nearly all of the graphic cards except some special one. For example, Asus 7950GTX and 7800 Dual can not be support in this motherboard. You could try some normal PCI-E graphic cards, such as 7900 series and 8800 series.
    what can you figure from this reply ?

    and the XFX reply:
    [TONY - 01/22/2007] Hi, sorry to hear you still have problems, I think I was a bit hasty to say we did not expect problems with 680i chipset, there is an update available for some issues witht he chipset, please checkout : and let us know if this helps. Thanks Tony

    what do u say about that ? this is an outrage !!!
  3. i contacted asus a while back with a problem, and my reply was just as cryptic, not that im an english proffessor or anything, but wud be nice to be contacted by someone who knows english...

    anyway, soz to be just as usless as them :D but sounds like dual processor cards dont work in those mobo's?

    i suppose u cud try a different card off a mate or sumthing, or take the mobo/card back and get another one and see if that will work, but i doubt u needed me to suggest that.

    Ive heard the GX2's have caused a few probs for a lot of people with regards to compatibility, esp when trying to use them in sli.

    Oh and as far as im aware there are no 7950GTX cards, only the 7950GT *that i have* or the 7950GX2

    <edit> just found this list
    7950GX2 compatability
  4. yeah man . i know.
    well i can get like a geforce 6600 from a friend, but that will work witout a doubt.
    but what the hell. its the newest chipset from nvidia, and the 2nd best card they have so why shouldnt they work together ?
    its crazy.
    the thing is , i had to wait 2 mnths for the board so i cant return the vga card now and get the 8800.

    also these cards are they only ones you can get quad sli with right now,
    so what are nvidia basically say,
    no quad sli on theyr shiny new chipset ?

    its so frustrating, you wont belive.
  5. The 680i hotifx is meaningless for the ASUS 680i boards, they are non-reference designs.
    The 7950GX2 is fully supported on the 680i chipset, what they are referencing when they say the "Asus Double Cards" is that previously ASUS have released a series of 2 GPU cards, prior to the 7950GX2.
    I am currently running the 7950GX2 (from Sparkle, I believe) on the P5N32-E SLI, and have encountered no problems. Try reinstalling Windows from stratch, and see if the error re-occurs. I don't believe it to be an issue to your graphics card. You might want to check the NB and SB temperatures, as they get quite toasty on the 680i.
    Keep us posted.
  6. i will lose alot of money if ill sell the card now,
    also i upgraded to a ThermalTake Thoughpower 750W PSU :D
  7. Man I feel your pain. Striker extreme with XFX 7950 gx2. 2 gb ocx ram but a 700 w ocx p/s. It didn't dislpay problems during installation of the drivers. More power i'm guessing. But it wont run worth a crap with both gpu's activated. I have tried just about everything I can think of. I have finally resolved myself to looking at it as just a two monitor card. I don't need a two monitor card but what the hell it's better than thinking I was stupid for buying unproven hardware. Expecelly when the 8800 were out when I bought it. But it doesn't make any sence to me. The card should look the same to the pci-e slot and act the same way as any other single card would. Perhaps it has to do with the voltage being drawn from the slot it's self. it runs fine in single mode though and I suspect that both monitor outputs work in this mode. God knows the striker has tons of settings to mess with and it has been reported that the board under reports most of them. so maybe it a voltage issue from the board. Maybe i'll mess with it some more....

    marv :roll:
  8. well people.
    to solve this problem i had to:
    replace my motherboard (from p5B deluxe to striker extreme) extra 200$
    change my PSU (from HEC 580W to Thoughpower 750W) extra 130$
    the thing is that after nothing worked to solve my problem , i figured that the bloody card is malfunctioning, so i replaced it with the new xfx 8800 gtx (extra 150$)
    now everything is working perfectly.
    and this problem made me upgrade my newly system to a real top notch highend top of the line system
    the first second it worked fine with the new card i forgot all about the costs, it was worth it.
    the thing is that if i will even want to upgrade to 8800GTX SLI i will have to replace my 750 W pSU again since it only has 3 PCIX cables.
    these things never end people.
    these companys knows our soft sport and are making a S&*T loads of money of it.
    ut its fun, so F@$K it.
  9. Quote:

    the thing is that if i will even want to upgrade to 8800GTX SLI i will have to replace my 750 W pSU again since it only has 3 PCIX cables.

    Nope. 750W will be enough to power it, you can just use a molex->6pin adaptor, or add in an auxillary GPU PSU (This one or similar.)
  10. Dude321

    Update the BIOS of your Striker to 0901, that might help. Remember to use EZ Flash or Floppy, remember! DONT use asus update utility.

    Also, check on the BIOS there is an option to change from PCI to PCI-E, dont remember the name of the option right now but is there.

    I recommend you post this topic on the ASUS Striker Extreme forums in the ASUS page, I know all the people in there and we can help you out there since we all own asus striker extremes.

    hope to see u there.
  11. but on the vga card manual they say you must use a direct 6 pin canle from the psu , you CANT use a 4 pin transormator.
    i have 3 p pin cables, 1 missing
  12. Heh Gainward gave me a 2*4pin Molex to 1*6pin PCI-e adaptor with my 8800GTX, so I'm pretty sure it would be fine :P
  13. really ??? thats weird
    coz they especially say on the manual that you cant use that sort of cable,
    but hopefully you are right, coz i like my PSU, and if it can handle 2XGTX i will perfer to use it,
    but ill wait a year or so be4 i buy a second card
    my current system can handle any game on the market right now with max res and render, mybe when the price tag will salsh into half ill get me a second one, and then well know the answer :D
  14. a 2 4pin to 6 pin came with my xfx card so i guess it's cool. I got to thinking about power and dug it out of the extra crap box and tried it. I was thinking that xfx requirements were 27 amps for the 12 line I think that that is a total requirment. each rail on my psu is only 18 amps. so i tied two together. no joy.

    but while dicking with it i found out that the board will oc like crazy.

    2.4 running @ 3.2 and maybe more ......and stable too

    oh well it's stll pretty running one card.

    i'll rma it monday
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