nforce 680i chipset with 7950 gx2 problem

i just bought a new system

CPU: Intel E6600
MB: Asus Striker Extreme, BIOS : 0801
RAM: 2 X 1 Giga Corsair PC 8500 Dominator
VGA: XFX Geforce 7950 GX2
HD: 2 X 250 Giga WD SATA 2 , 16MB
DVD-RW: Nec X16
Power Supply : Hec 580W

ive been having some troubles,
i install windows and all drivers very smoothily, but when i start installing the vga drivers , the windows becomes unstable, start flickering, and becomes verly slow, sometimes even restarts, i wanted to know, is the new nforce 680i chipset supports the 7950 gx2 ?
im really in pain here , i cant wait to use my new system , but im stuck.
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  1. Yes, the GX2's are supported. Have you checked the video card in another system?
  2. hi, thanks for replying.
    actually 2 mounths ago when i bought the system, i bought it with the asus P5B deluxe board, but since it didnt had SLI, and the new 680i chipset just launched the same day, i returned the P5B and ordered the Striker, i took about 2 mounths to arrive :) , and on my last board the VGA card worked OK,
    how can u be shure that the 680i chipset supports the GX2 card ?
    can my problem be related to the power supply , is 580w enough for my system ?
    10x for helping, hope to hear from you again
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