Building a new game machine - looking for choices

My current game rig is now 3 years old (athlon 1.4/Nvidia Ti4600) and I'm looking to put together a new system with parts I have, and parts received for Christmas.

Have :
Case - Thermaltake Armor JR
PSU - Antec TruePower 2 550 - from old pc
Seagate 7200.10 250GB HD
PLextor 16x SATA DVD-RW
Samsung 225BW 22 inch Widescreen Monitor

I'm looking to spend about $800 on MOBO, Chip, Video Card and RAM.

I play shooters, Sports and RPG's (not MMOS's) mostly (basically building this because my old rig can't handle NWN2 and I got the WS Monitor) and alot of Photoshop/Illustrator work.

I was leaning towards the MSI k9n Diamond (like the onboard Creative sound)with AMD chips and NVIDIA card (with SLI later).

Any suggestions on parts that will
1) OC a bit - stable with a decent increase over stock performance
2) Last me about 2-3 years with a chip upgrade and maybe a DX10 card upgrade around XMAS 2007
3) Play games at my Monitor's native WS (1680x1050) resolution with most of the eye candy and good frame rates

Any thoughts?
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  1. I think the Intel C2D give you more bang for the buck right now. You should be able to spec a pretty solid build with your budget - that's essentially $200 per component (give or take). A DX10 upgrade later in the year is a good idea, SLI later seems less sound. Get a good mid-level card now and replace it with a DX10 model when prices fall and you start having performance issues.
  2. Thanks for the info that one the other day. The card sounds like an option but then I get into the SLI vs Crossfire debate.

    Any one have a good Mobo/chip recommendation for about $400-$450.
    And RAM that oc's well with that combo...
  3. Do you enjoy any "older" games? I got really frustrated with a 7800GS agp Nvidia card when I couldn't play some the oldies but goodies, AvP, DK2 amoung others.

    At this point in time I've decided to wait and see what the R600 offers from ATI before I commit to a new system. Replaced that 7800GS with a Sapphire 1950 AGP and the results are AWSOME!!
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