Where Did My Post Go?

Hi Guys

I made a post today. I got an email saying someone replied to my post. There was a link in the email. I clicked the link.

It brought me to the thread I had posted in, but my post was not there anymore and the response post was not there either.

Any idea what is going on?
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  1. Maybe someone made an inappropriate response to your post and the moderators removed both. What was the the thread title and in which sub-Forum?
  2. Is that common? I don't know why they would remove my post. That kind of pisses me off because I took the time to add screen shots to my post.

    If something like that happens again I won't be posting on this forum anymore.
  3. it was only an idea and if it had happened like that, The Mods would only do it for a good reason. Where was the thread and what was it called?
  4. Is this the thread? http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/358481-28-loud-noises

    There are no soft deleted/hidden posts in that thread, so I can't see any reason for yours to be missing.
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