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I tried posting this question on a networks group this morning, but no reply
so far. Any help here...

I have a wireless router for my ADSL connection with 3 computers connect via
802.11b, 11mbps.

I have a desktop PC which is my main work computer, then I have a laptop,
which I use when in at the office (infrequently). When I plan to travel into
the office, I have to synchronise these 2 computers, but it takes ages over
the 11mbps link, so I have purchased a direct crossover RJ45 cable to
connect them directly at 100mbps. Both PCs have a wireless card and a wired

If I disable the wireless card on both PCs and enalbe the wired card, then
run the network setup wizard, I can connect them directly, but then I have
to reverse the procedure to get them back to sharing the wireless ADSL link.

Can I have 2 networks on XP Pro (desktop) and XP Home (laptop), without
having to mess around every time I want to use them?? Both PCs have 2
network cards??

How do I do this?
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  1. Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.basics (More info?)

    Maybe you could "Bridge" the connections.

    Hope it helps.
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