Raid 0 Transferring files help??

My windows is corrupt and im down to almost no options. I want to save some files, but they are on a RAID 0 between two hard drives. Is there anyway to transfer the files from the RAID to another hard drive.

Everyhting else is a long story, but it is pretty much down to this. I tried using gparted to create a new partion and then just transfer that way, but gparted does not support software raids, as this is through NVIDIA.

Any help would be great!!

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  1. have you tried a repair job? boot to windows cd with the raid drivers on a floppy. run the recovery option and it should be able to fix most problems.

    easiest way to get things up and running. then head down to the local store and get you a 200GB external for your backup job. $60-$80
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