tagan 900 watts, power switch not working

hello all,

as the title says, my power switch 0/1 on the psu is not working anymore, in fact been a while its not working...besides this, my psu is working great, i dont have any voltage issues, both fans of the psu are working...im just worried about this power switch..when i first received it and built my comp it was working, but after unplugging the power cord behind the psu to shut down computer (cause for some reason the power switch on the psu was not working anymore) after this then, it was not working.. anyone knows if there is a way to reset it to make it works again ..or if not, anyone else with this issue ? and do you think this issue can break the psu in the long term ? or is it just a "cosmetic" issue, minor. thank you
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  1. hi,

    i dont use the power switch often, cause its not working.

    my computer shuts down just fine, using the power button the pannel case, i dont have any trouble with computer except this power switch not working, that means if computer is on and i put power switch (the button the psu) to zero, the computer doesnt shut down..the power switch looks either dead or need to be reseted somehow..maybe there is a tips to reset it..but i think its just dead, but my psu is working great beside this.
  2. Waiiiiiit...

    I'm not sure about tagan 900 watters, but with most psus iv seen, the switch is inline to the power supply, so flicking the switch should kill all power unless its shorted out.

    UNLESS, for some reason, so tagan could use a lower rated switch/didnt want 1200w through a switch so the switch send a low voltage kill signal to the psu circitry?
  3. thank you for replies, its nice pple here always rdy to help others :)

    im gonna stick with this psu then, and hope it keeps working good as now :) anyway if it goes dead i can still rma it for at least one year..but i hope i wont need to do that :p
  4. true.

    tho if i had that problem, id RMA it, since i wudv paid good money for it
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