1st build looking for approval


This is my first new build.
Unless advised otherwise, I’ve settled on this configuration.

2 Western Digital Raptors Raid 0 WD740ADFD $160 x 2 = $320
Sapphire 100186 Radeon X1950XT = $250
Corsair TWIN2X2048-5400C4 = $240
EVGA NVIDEA nforce 680i SLI ATX = $250
Intel core 2 duo E6600 = $320
Case looking for something small + quiet
PSU No Idea

I may OC a little once I read up on the details
These prices and my vendor is newegg.com
Any and all suggestions / insights are welcome
Upon your approval, I may purchase this weekend

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  1. I never advise RAID 0 for a typical home machine. With all your data spread across 2 drives, if either of them fails - you lose everything. The performance gains just don't justify the reduced reliability in my mind.
  2. I'd reccoment DDR2-6400 (800MHz) RAM as its better suited to the E6600.

    Go for a Tuniq Tower 120 cooler, its quiet and will let you overclock the E6600 to at least 3.6GHz.

    As far as a PSU is concerned go for something name brand and >500W. If you are looking for quiet, Seasonic make quiet PSUs.

    Case - I've no idea since I'd use a decent size case, its the quiet factor that does it for me. Antec P180 is quiet, and cool. But its big....
  3. .

    so you think the 6400 series ram is better at a higher latency?
    about the same price unless I go for the 6400c wich is a $30 jump.

  4. .

    oooo good call on the case thx
    looking at the antec 500w

    More than 100 viewer and no more thought?

    A good build?

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