Radeon 9800Pro 256mb Need Help Please

Ok, so my comp started crashing randomly and it seemed to be gfx related so I just took out the gfx card as listed above cleaned it etc plugged it back in and now I know the issue.

The fan on the card has stopped working so it is overheating very quickly and flipping the switch on me.

Does anyone know if you can just replace the fan or if it is toast and I need a new graphics card. It is working right now so I am assuming if I can get cooling back to it it will be fine.

where can I get parts from for a Radeon 9800Pro 256mb Card?? how much do u think replacing the fan or fan/heatsink will cost.

FYI I dont overclock so I dont need anything amazing just something to keep it cool.
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  1. That card is for $60 on newegg I think (or less) getting a new fan would be maybe $30 I believe.
  2. hehe, thats what i kind thought might be the case, i just only have a couple of minutes before it overheats so here was my first port of call.

    will check newegg, thanks
  3. Very weird that your fan stopped worked for no reason although we all know the 9800 cards are kinda old, there is some people out there with with geforces mx (with fans) that are still working.

    Just get the cooler and fix it, but I dont know if that will guarantee that your card will work forever...
  4. I agree, I bought a $20 cooler from compusa to use as a band aid for the issue, comp is back to normal running fine all be it the 9800 is running a little warmer than before but seems good for now.

    Yes I agree this is only a temporary solution but as long as I can tide myself through to my next build (probably within the next 12-16 months)im cool with that (i wonder how many fans i will go through before then hehe hopefully just this one.

    thanks for your help guys, I was tempted to buy a radeon 9800 to replace mine but it seemed quite hard to find one now probably cos its 3 years old give or take lol.

    the other reason the fan gave up is also probably the same reason, have had this pc for about 3 years or so now and i pretty much leave it on all the time, this is the first hardware failure I have had since I built it so im pretty pleased with the components and my handiwork.

    Saying that I think its time to start backing up some of my data lol, video card fan goes I wonder if an HD could be next :p


    Got DVD's anyone? :p :p
  5. Got DVD's anyone? :p :p

    hehe xD

    As for your upgrade, why are you gonna wait so much? If you really cant buy the pc now and need to wait some time, the best upgrade from your actual pc would be to build a new pc in H2 2007, by then we will have

    RD600 (ATI)
    R600 (ATI)
    new 8900GTX from NVidia (probably)
    revision 2 680i's (not sure)
    maybe new raptors
    faster and lower timings memories

    and the most importan, Core 2 Duo at 1333mhz FSB
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