Will our current rigs ever be fast enough?

Will there ever be a time when our current computers are fast enough, quiet enough, flashy enough or temps low enough. Just curious. I know every so often I feel as if I need to upgrade something, especially when it's not necessary. I'm sick.
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  1. no they are never fast enough :cry:

    what you buy tomorrow is out of date today :lol:
  2. Yeah, if you play games that are 5 years ago or so. Like Wolfenstien, I got ultra silky smooth gameplay. :D
  3. i can play solitare at max resolutions :lol:
  4. I know how you feel dude. I find the process of window shopping on NewEgg, then selecting and asembling a computer is more fun then when you actually finish it. It is kinda anti-climatic. At least that is how I feel..........then I often second guess my selection..........

    The industry moves so fast it is hard to keep up........so I don't try. I stick to a conservative budget when upgrading. I'm not cheap im practical. Im not too big on benchmarks, but I have a decent system.

    What helps me hold off the upgrade blues is I have a certain time of year I allow my self to upgrade. That is my birthday and Xmas. In between I read the reviews, window shop online, read magazine articles about computer builds etc. It satisfies me enough so I can resist.

    Every once in a while I will pick up something here or there except the wife always questions me about it when she reviews the bank account.

    I keep her happy but making sure her computer is in good working order. :wink: She can't complain I don't drink or smoke or chase women.... 8O

    Sigh..................the upgrade blues is what they call it. :cry:
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