Mid-Range Casual Gamer's Build - Please check.


I have put together my list of what I believe will provide me with the ability to play many of the graphics-intensive games smoothly (at 12x10)with moderate eye-candy, as well as leave me some room to upgrade some components later when prices become more reasonable (IMO).

Let me know what you think - TIA

Thermaltake Armor
Antec Truepower Trio 650W
ASUS P5B Deluxe
C2D E6600
Sapphire X1950XT 256
Corsair XMS2 2X1GB DDR2-800 5-5-5-12
Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 320GB
LG Supermulti Optical
XFi XtremeMusic
Artic Freezer 7 Pro
Win XP Pro - already own

Comes to about 1550 - 95 rebates

The plan is to wait for DX10 & Vista to get worked out a bit before I buy into a DX10 card.

Thanks for looking!
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  1. That's a pretty solid build. Nice job and good luck.
  2. Looks very good. My choice in CPU cooler would be something with a 120mm fan on it. :D
  3. Thanks for the feedback.

    I don't plan to do any serious OC, just a modest amount, and while the word is that the Tuniq 120 is 'the bomb' for coolers, it also weighs as much as a bomb. It does look cool tho 8) . I also hear nice things about the AC7FP.
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