Computer restarting randomly?

I recently built a computer (month), but it is beginning to restart randomly. I don't notice if there is a pattern of when it restarts. But the last couple times I was just doing nothing.

Also, which is better for my 2GB OCZ DDR2 800 RAM?
400 MHz


333 MHz

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  1. you have to give us full specs :!:
  2. intel c2d e64
    xfx geforce 7900 gs extreme
    ocz 2gb ddr2 800 pc 6400 ram
    250 gb seagate HD
    thermaltake purepower 600w psu
  3. Without knowing more about your system, I can only suggest some common issues to look into:

    - PSU is inadequate
    - RAM is faulty (run memtest86 as mentioned)
    - Something may not be connected properly / some sort of short.

    First thing I'd do, however, is consider setting your BIOS to defaults/auto and see if it resolves it so you know which direction to head.
  4. The problem has gotten worse. My FPS in WoW has gone down and now I recieve messages that says my system has recovered from a serious error. Can someone give me a link for memtest86?
  5. try this memtest aswell yu can use this one from within windows
  6. Ive experienced the same problem...thought it was a drive then thought it was memory then this then test actually feels as tho Ive been to pluto and back(which isnt a planet anymore anyway).I'm almost convinved its a drive(80 gig sata raid 0)thats giving me a stirr 8O ...gonna reflash my bios and try to order a couple new drives...Let us know what happens...goodluck
  7. It may be as simple as a bad driver, likely video. Try the newest WHQL driver for your video card.
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