how to enable 3.0gb/s SATA?

ok, here's my general hardware setup:

amd 64 x2
asus a8n-e
seagate 300gb sata ii

when i go to the device manager to serial ata controller, it shows my drive with a max throughput of 1.5gb/s. am i missing something here? i have a sata ii motherboard with sata ii hdd's. do i need a driver to get this feature? or is this the limit i can run?

thanks in advance!

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  1. It may be a jumper setting on the HD. Don't know about the Seagate, but WD hardrives allow jumper settings that disable 300gb/s throughput so they will work on older MB's with 150gb/s throughput.
  2. Like madmurph said, it's probably a jumper setting, but to be honest... it doesn't really matter. Enabling that extra bandwidth won't do you anything since that hdd isn't even hitting 100MB/s
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