Memory Bandwidth VS CPU speed

I overclocked my e6300 with Asus P5B-E to 3GHz (FSB: 429).

However for a reason explained here memory bandwidth drops sharply after FSB 400.

I run memtest86+ and at 3GHz the memory bandwidth was 4692MB/s, while when I dropped to 2.8GHz (400 FSB) the memory bandwidth increased to 4973MB/s.

How can this decrease in memory bandwidth affect the system? Would it be better to go back to 2.8GHz?
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  1. Test your rig with your real applications and games. Don't get too complicated with all those stuff. I don't even that kind of crap myself, :lol: , I just overclock my rig and test with my games and find the best performance setting with the best stability.
  2. SuperPi does a bit better at 2.8GHz than at 3GHz actually ..

    What kind of applications would benefit more from memory bandwidth VS CPU speed?
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