ASUS P5N32-E SLI or Striker Extreme - Advice please!

Hi guys

So I'm fed up waiting around for my Striker Extreme to come in stock (I live in Australia!), so in the meantime I've discovered the P5N32-E. Is there really much difference between these two boards apart from the price? If I plump for the P5N32 will I be wishing for the Extreme 6 months down the line...


One point, I know these are enthusiasts boards and I have never overclocked in my life but it is something I am looking at dabbling with. And I will be sticking a 8800GTX and Core 2 Duo in there as well.

So what would you advise....

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  1. Almost the same, same layout, same BIOS, different cooling more bling.

    I would advice a P5N32-E over a striker
  2. Good luck finding a P5N32-E SLI. I wanted to get this mobo but it is just as hard to find as the Striker. Word has it from CES that ASUS discontinued this model for the P5N32-E SLI Plus. But they haven't sent that one out to market yet. Supposed changes are few but aparantly a more stable board than the original was.

    I'm now looking at either the eVGA 680i option, or a Striker if one shows up somewhere.
  3. Yeah, these things are like gold dust! But the P5N32 is basically $200 cheaper than the Striker. I'll probablt wait for that one.
  4. good point on the P5N32-E Sli Plus , you should wait for those to show up. Still the P5N32-E is a wiser choice then the striker.
  5. Well not to add more confusion into your mix, but you could also consider the 680i motherboards like from evga or BFGtech.

    Both are considered excellent for overclocking just like your other choices.
  6. The Striker is more for everybdoy, unexperienced and experienced overclockers. Has LCD screen etc comes with many extras as you can see if you already inspected this boards.

    Also, the P5N32-E has reported to have several problems with IDE hard drives so I think thats a critical problem.
  7. Taco what the hell are you doing here :twisted:

    I like the striker, it just has a premium price because ASUS knows people is willing to pay for them, and actually people do :P you can see newegg as an example.
  8. Quote:
    Very true, the same way that the 965 presler is still more than the x6800, just check out some of the reviews on that thing

    And I'm here because there wasn't anywhere else I could give people free tacos :lol: But don't worry, I'll wait until your done rofl from this

    Haha thats a nice video ;) Fresh Prince is in my Lenguage Arts class, he makes the hold class laugh.

    BTW, this is the funniest review I ever read

    ... And remember this is not a Pentium 4 this is a pentium extreme edition 965 presler

  9. crazy people

    well I was just kidding with the fresh prince, is just that this guy is very very very similar, they look alike!, he is a funny guy and makes me remind myself of fresh prince :P
  10. 100% for p5n32 e sli plus,its the best.i bought today,and a 6600 conroe,ddr800 kingmax 2 giga,its good choice,trust me.
  11. My problem with the 'Plus' is they are advertising it as a 680i board in a 'plus' edition, whereas those who have them have found that it is NOT using the 680i chipset.

    So shop around. the vendor i'm working with is expecting to get more Strikers in tomorrow. I have my fingers crossed. If they don't then I'll probably get the ABIT 680i board as it seems to be of similar caliber.
  12. if you love the P5N32-E, you would kill yourself if you feel the striker ;)
  13. Recon is correct. I read a few reports that mention that the "plus" edition of the P5N32-E SLI doesnt use the 680i NB, but the 650i. Looking for that link......


    Ive been using the P5N32-E SLi for about 2 1/2 weeks problems free, with a moderate overclock on....well....everything. The only complaint i have is that the NB runs VERY hot on the provided heatsink even after replacing the stock "thermal goop" with arctic silver. I give it my seal of approval.
  14. Well I've given up waiting for the Striker. Every place I call is not expecting stock until mid feb. or mar. And many have their stock already taken in back orders.

    As such, I've gone with my second option the Abit IN9 32X-MAX board. It is pretty wet behind the ears, but everyone has been satisfied with its performance thus far.
  15. Have you alreay ordered??
    Are u in the USA?
    New Egg
  16. Yes I saw that. I refuse to pay over MRSP for a motherboard. There are vendors out there selling it for $100 less than newegg but are out of stock.

    Most reviews of the abit board have been positive so far. They have been agressive at getting beta bios updates out and the only complaint so far is that the bios is young. Many have felt that it is just as stable as the eVGA, and can overclock well..and expect it to do even better once the bios is a bit more mature.
  17. man,p5n32 e sli plus its a 680i sli not 650i sli,driver for 650i not function on this mobo,the bios its identical with striker and p5n32 e sli non plus.
    conclusion :this mobo is 680i sli,650 i have 2 pciex 16x,this have 3 pciex 16x.
  18. i think if you spend on the asus forums they both have issues - it seems both have new bios and the x-fi is fixed it appears.

    the gtx's in sli still cause problems basically the same mobo - i have the striker only since i bought an open box at new egg for $256 - if i have issues i send it back to asus.

    i think really unless looks count the p5n32-e sli si basically the same board with a few less heat pipes. if you running your fsb really high you might want get the striker since its cooling system is larger - raid and sound is the same.
  19. I just purchased the P5N32-E SLI for my build. I should be getting it tomorrow so ill get back to you once i get everything up and running. (ps this is gonna be my first build) Feel free to pm me if u want to know how it goes.
  20. These guys have it in stock and ship across Australia

    I've used them before and they are very good
  21. I just bought the p532N-E SLi and seems good so far!

    Im searching for a thread on Oc it and the 6600.
  22. If anyone has similar kit can they let me know their tweaks?

  23. Quote:
    check out wusy's core2 overclocking guide, that's very detailed on how to overclock the chip, but burn it in before doing much overclocking. And congrats

    Good stuff thanks!

    Once you get up into say 30%+ OC'ed do you really notice the computer is faster in overall performance?
  24. Quote:
    no problem, wusy did an excellent job with that, and so I think it should help a lot. And it depends on what you're doing, for most things, you probably will notice a slight increase, but most likely your hard drive is bottlenecking you, I actually tried underclocking my cpu and then overclocking it 50%, and I didn't notice much of a difference at all because I have a slow hard drive, but for gaming and perhaps photoshop, you will definitely recieve a big boost

    My hard drive is as quick as i could there a better option?
  25. I'm pretty impressed by the case, it blows a heap of air through and with the zalman in there as well.

    If I put my hand in the case you can hardly feel any warm air at all.

    The only heat is right next to the 8800 and thats getting blown straight out the back by the front fan across the drives.
  26. i have another machine that i bought parts from and some sound deadening which worked a treat and didnt seem to effect the temps.

    I like the 3 adjustable fan speed switches on this case.
  27. Good comparison of the boards here...

    They pretty much seem to be the same board, give or take a few little toys on the Striker.

    I went for the p5n32SLI.

    The problem with the NB being very hot could be down to an incorrect default voltage. IIRC the BIOS default is 1.5v. Try dropping it to 1.2v

    I'm now running with a mild overclock to 350MHz FSB with an E6600, an overclocked 8800GTS and a pair of 74Gb Raptors, striped but split into two partitions, one for XP and one for Vista. I'm getting over 10k in 3dmark 2006 in both OS.
  28. Can you post some bios screens or a list of what settings you changed??

    Mine wont boot properly now if i increase FSB above 1320.

    I havent changed any other settings apart from 'unlinked' and the FSB setting to 1320 which will boot and give me 2.94Ghz.

    Also after changing anything in the bios and click 'Save and Exit' it tries to reboot but just hangs.

    If I power off and wait a bit then restart it works.
  29. not each of this mobos,chose evga 680i sli,its the best overcloker,and stability.
  30. WEll asus sucks! my striker came back and worked for 2 hours until i cranked up the Vcore then cpu-int! its in the mail back to asus for try 2

    i got a p5n32-e plus hybird that wont boot! its off in the mail on monday!

    mean while no problems with Evga!

    i got an answer as a loyal asus user - i bought about dozen different types of asus mobos over the last 2 months. (crosshair (problems with it too), etc)

    1) its evga for 680i - stiker, p5n32
    2) its abit 1250 micro atx in place of the p5b-vm
    3) intel as back up!

    i still use p5n-e's those mobos rock!
  31. Whats up people. I have an Asus p5n32-e sli board for just over 2 months, and while I have read alot of horror stories related to this board, I have yet to have a problem. If your a newbie to overclocking (like me) it'll be a piece of cake if you just do a little reading. I'm running an e6400 in it, cranked up to 2.8Ghz (350x8) with a TT blue orb doing the cooling ( hottest core at 56c under orthos for 2 hours). I think its a good buy for the money if your gonna run SLI. My only gripe would be the way Asus located the SATA connectors on the board, which caused some cable pinching with the case i'm using(Armor jr.). Could be just a bad case design though who knows.
  32. Ok, I think I have you all beat on frustration. I originally purchased my system from Newegg last December and so far I have about $2,000 worth of paper weights.

    1st MOBO - Asus P532? SLI (NVIDIA 5xxi chipset)

    The first system booted and ran fine for almost 3 months. Then one day... good-night! "BIOS Checksum Error." Cleared BIOS, nadda. I've built more than a dozen PC's for myslef over the last 10 yrs. and work for a computer company, so needless to say, we did everything within our knowledge to troubleshoot/resolve the issue.

    2nd MOBO - Asus P5N32? SLI (NVIDIA 5xxi chipset)

    I returned the MOBO to Newegg for a replaement... slightly different error at boot/post (if it would even POST) but never got it running. Try again... returned that mobo for a refund and bougt the new version (680i chipset).

    3rd MOBO - Asus P5N32-E SLI

    Guess what? Yup, no POST. Tried everything. By this time (i moved to a new apartment and didn't have time to screw with it for a while) the MOBO was not covered by Newegg anymore so I'm SOL! Called up Asus and got an RMA. Weeks later, received my new MOBO!

    4th MOBO - Asus P5N32-E SLI

    Donk! Dead. Well, no POST. Everything runs and spins but won't post. Ok, this has to be my RAM right? I was running OCZ Gold DDR2800 that wasn't on the QVL list (which I had to dig-up off the Asus site, thanks for the late tip Asus). So, back to Newegg to dump more money on RAM since my OCZ isn't covered by Newegg any more.

    New RAM - Kingston Hyper-X DDR2800(2 x 1GB)

    This RAM is on the QVL list. So surely it would work. NOPE! I couldn't POSSIBLY have 4 sticks of bad ram, and 4 bad mobos. I've tried either video card with the same results. 2 bad video cards? Don't think so...

    The only way i can get this mobo to do anyhing, is to run one stick of ram (either the OCZ or Kingston) in slot 3. Then it will make it into the BIOS. I've tried many different RAM voltage settings, FSB settings, etc., etc....

    There's no way I am going to spend this much money on a system to only run one stick of ram, or in single channel mode. Pisses me off!

    Ok, just reflashed BIOS to new version (1205) and rebooted. The only thing I can get it to do different is run both sticks of Kingston in Channel B. So basically, it seems that Channel A is burnt out, and won't run any RAM at all.

    Ughh... back to Asus RMA dept. :fou:
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