OCZ Gamestream or TT Tough Power?

ok 2 part thread here:
my friend is getting a new system(e6600, 2x8800GTX, will OC) and wants a 750/850W PSU
The store has the OCZ Gamestream and TT Tough Power
the TT is modular and has a 14cm fan(so should be very quiet?)

1) will 750W be enough?
2) which is better overall and why?

another friend: (8800GTX system)
choice of
-CM IGreen 600W
-Tough Power 600W
-OCZ GameStream 600w
-Silverstone ST60F 600W
-Seasonic S12 Energy+ 550W

they are in order of price BTW

3) the Seasonic is the highert quality PSU, correct? but is it worth spending more money for less Wattage with it?

4) The ST60F is the only Modular(which he would prefer) but I hear it is rather loud?

5)which would be best?

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  1. 1) It all depends on the maximum output on the combined +12V rails the 750W TT would have 60Amps which would be enough to power an 8800GTX SLi overclocked (you need about 50A for GTX SLi). An OCZ GameXstream 850W (there is no 750W) would have 68A so it would probably be overkill unless you plan on watercooling.

    2) It all depends on preference. Do you want a modular PSU or not? what is your budget, do you like cool lights? In my opinion the TT would be easier on budget and would still power your rig so it is the best.

    3) again I cannot stress enough that the max wattage really doesn't matter for a PSU. What REALLY matters is the combined +12V rail's max amperage. In this case all of those PSUs will do nicely for ONE 8800GTX with the Toughpower offering the best price/performance (48A which is the highest of those PSUs listed and second lowest price)

    4) I have no idea if it is loud or not. Get the modular one if you want and take it back if it is too loud...

    5)I'm not quite sure what you were trying to ask here but the best Powersupply might be a PC Power and Cooling unit, although it all depends on who you ask. There is no "best" power supply, only the best power supply for you.

    Hope I helped :wink:

    -Valt (whew!)
  2. thanks, and yes you helped

    1) the OCZ is 850W is only about 5 bucks more the TT 850W at the store my friend is buying from, so if the OCZ is better he wont mind spending a couple $$$ more

    2) the first friend doesnt really care much about it beinf modular

    3) yea I know about the Amps on the +12V rails and all but all the PSU's I have listed have "correct labeling" as in are true 600W or 550W(Seasonic) and dont over rate them like some PSU's like the low end TT's are CM eXtreme series so I figured they are all true 600W and should have ~the same Amps on the +12V rails

    and also is a PSU that has say 35A on 3 +12V rails better than a PSU with 35A's over 2 rails?
    i sit more stable if there are more rails even if it is the same Total Amps?

    and just one more question
    What is the benefit of sleeved cables? better airflow?
  3. ok so OCZ for the first friend is settled

    I cant find the Seasonic M12 600W (Seasonic's are rare in Aus), the 500W is ~200$ which is more than the 550W S12, the 700W is ~300$ which is too much

    will the 550W S12 be enough to power an OC'ed e6600 system w/ 8800GTX?
    is the Seasonic much better quality than the others? is it worth the extra price?
    If now I will go look for some reviews on the ST60F to see how loud it is

    EDIT: not to fo with these PSU's but with the new 8pin PCIE plug that will be used on the R600 cards(except the XTX model), do you know how much power it can give? is it much more than the 75W of the 6pin?
    or do we have to wait and find out?
  4. I think the I-green line is ok.
  5. Yeah that's true.
  6. the IGreen series is very popular in Aus

    the #1 Store in aus that people shop at(MSY) which is like the NewEgg to you guys doesnt have many good PSU's in the 500W range

    they mostly just sell all the CM, TT and Antec Series's
    as lowend TT's are terrible, Antec SP's crap, Neo's expensive and that makes the IGreen or TP2 the best Choices for most people

    lots of people run 8800GTS/X's off the IGreen's and have no troubles at all
  7. I dont know if this helps but I went with a TT toughpower 700watt. great price, modular cabling, all the extra cables can be connected externally to the psu= only cables you use will be on it, 140mm fan, nice appearance, lots of ampage, 85% effieciency(important to look for), cost me about 150 dollars after rebate probably 170 or so Aus?, and best of all it had an excellent rating on newegg: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16817153039 95% out of 60 reviewers gave it a 5! Thats solid.
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