New DSL Messed Everything Up!!!

This is my problem, thanks in advance for the help. I had dial-up service and ICS through Windows XP. I am using a crossover cable and two NIC's in the primary machine to share the connection (was only one NIC and a modem before). When I got DSL through Verizon, their software messed up my machine. I have to use DHCP to get an IP address, but their servers won't assign one to my machine unless I change my settings. More specifically, I have to Enable ICS or disable ICS to get an IP assigned. It's really weird. If I disable it and reboot-no IP on the reboot. If I enable and reboot-no IP. But either way, when I change the status under WinXP, I get an IP address. Anybody know how to fix this?

Second question. If I use the "Repair Prior Installation" function of XP, how much work would be involved in restoring my programs and files and would the restoration allow me to fix the network issues? What I want to do is reconfigure my home network (2 PC's) from scratch. Unistalling the NICs under Device Mgr. and reinstalling drivers and running Network Wiz did not work-looking to something a bit more drastic now.

Win XP
Gigabyte KT333
Athlon 1700+
Realtek Onboard NIC
3Com NIC (Same issues with other 2nd NICs, tried different ones)
Lite-On CD Burner

Where there's a will, there's a way-even when it comes to screwing up.
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  1. yeah, DSL software really sucks. ICS sets IP address for each computer (192.168.x.x) so it can share the connection. DSL uses DHCP (hands out an ip address to you) but since you're using a static IP address, it won't pick up an IP address.
    Buy a router ($40-$70), hook your DSL cat5 cable into the WAN port on your router, run 2 cables to your PCs, both set for DHCP. You'll need to configure your Router to use PPPoE, put in your username and password, and you should be set. No need to use that stupid DSL software anymore and the problems will go away.
    Worried about configuring the router? They're basically ready to go, you just add your username and password to them after you've hooked them up. Any problems with that, searching the forums here or posting again will result in a quick resolution of any possible problems you see.

    Using the XP Restore feature should save most of your work and fix any files that may be corrupted or incomplete. You can try uninstalling all of the DSL software, reinstalling your NICs, get the router and try that. If it doesn't work, try the repair. You shouldn't lose too much, if anything at all. XP should be good about keeping what you really need as long as your system files and such were legitimatly editted. Otherwise, you might want to just burn off your good stuff and install XP from scratch.

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