bridge connections multiple routers on 1 pc?

i guess the title is a little misleading but anyway
i have curently have a setup like so
Internet ---> modem--->router->wireless->PC
i happen to have a 2nd router that was partally broken, it still works but the WAN has nearly come off from the PCB, i would like to know if there is anyway i can connect it like so
Internet ---> modem--->router->wireless->PC->wired->2nd router
the reason is that i want the 2nd router to have no wireless protection, so i can hook up anything that doesnt have wireless to the second router, e.g. if distance was a factor, because the main router is in my living room, connected to my PC in my room, and the spare router is connected to my PC using LAN cable, and other perifirals that can be networked can be connected to the 2nd router.
now, when i connect the 2nd router the internet stops working, is this because i havnt bridged the connections? I've tried to do share internet, but nothing, i also tried bridging the connections but i dont really know what i'm doing
sorry i have a tendency to reiterate myself

edi: just realised i forgot to add the routers that i have!
router 1- the internet one is a linksys WRT54G V5
router 2-buffalo WYR-G54 (real POS, would never advise anyone to get one)
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  1. You are trying to setup a wireless bridge, it requires 2 devices that support WDS.

    You should be able to turn off dhcp in router 2 an connect it via lan to lan ports. Router 1 should control the IP of the second routers lan port, just like a hub.

    Have you checked with radio shack for a RG45 socket, and replace the broken one in router2.
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