W2K Internet Connection Problem


I have just install W2K pro on the following system:

3500+ 64 939
MSI Neo4
40 gig hd

The problem is that I cant connect to the internet. I have installed the drivers that came with the motherboard as it is intergrated. The connection is through the lan line works for my other computer. I checked the status on the connection and it shows packets being sent but not received. When I disconnect the ethernet cable it shows that the connection has been terminated. When I click to get on the internet it says it cannot connect and if I want to work offline or try again. I have tried to have it detect my setting with no help. Under device manager it say the device is working correctly.

W2K is not updated with the current service packs.
If I could connect I would have done this.
Ask any questions and Ill try to answer them.

Any suggestions? I will try anything!

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  1. What IP addresses do you have for both computers... my first guess is that the second PC doesn't have a public IP and the first PC does.
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