power supply or bios?

owr power blinked several times rapidly the other day and after the power was back on steady my wifes computer was dead. no responce from the power button and not an led lit anywhere on mb or case. i tried diffrent plug in recepticals but with no luck. i decided she had lost her power supply and would replace it later. an hour or so later the computer was on and running normaly with no problems since then. my question is is this an overload protection built into the power supply or something in the bios?

acer 946gzt-am v1 mb
lit-on power supply +12v 10a +12v 13a 3.3v 20a 5v 20a
1 gig ram
160 gig seagate 7200.9 hd
pent d dual 925
phoenix bios r01-b2
dvd burner
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  1. thanks for the reply. it was a first for me. its been running fine since then. so is that 10min delay built in to protect the system or just a fluke?
  2. might save me from buying an unneeded psu someday. thanks again.
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