Can I run any of the x1950 AGP boards with this PSU?

I own an Enermax eg465p_ve which is a 460w psu. Im curious if I can run any of the x1950 boards and if so, which boards?
Ive read that some require 30a on the 12v rail, and I think I only have 20a if I read this correctly.
If not, I guess the 7600gt is my best bet? I currently have a 6800 standard.

Below are the specs of the PSU. Thanks in advance!
Voltage rating
90V~135V AC or 180V~265V AC
(selected by slide switch)

12A / 7A


Inrush current
40A max. / 115V; 80A max. / 230V
(at cold start)

Ripple & Noise
Output current rating

0A / 38A

11A / 44A

5A / 20A

0A / 2A

0A / 1A

0A / 2.2A

3.3V & +5V


Hold up time
17ms min. at 230V AC full load

Over Power Protection
105%~160% of max load

Over Voltage Protection
+5V: 5.6V~6.9V
+3.3V: 3.7V~4.5V
+5Vsb: 5.6V~6.9V

70% min. at full load

Air convection by +12V DC fan

Operation Temperature
0oC ~25oC for full rating of load,
decrease to zero Watts O/P at 70oC

Storage Temperature
-20oC ~80oC

Operating: to 85% relative humidity ,
non-condensing At 25oC
Storage : to 95% relative humidity ,
non-condensing At 50oC

100K hours at 25oC ,70% full rated load

EN55022 ,Class B
FCC Part 15
CNS 13438 Class B
EN 55024
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  1. Its been stated many times, the most overlooked componet today is the PSU. With graphic cards power requierments going through the roof I think its fair to say if you've got to question it, replace it. I recently add a Sapphire 1950 agp to my system. I'm using an Antec TruBlu 430w. I think it stated a rating of 28A on the 12v. So far its been stable. (Incredibile card BTW 8) ). Besides, the PSU is one component that one can pass down as your system changes over time. Shop around, get a good one, name brand, look at their warrenties, (That represents the faith the maker has in its product), and always ask questions.
  2. It has mixed reviews
    Alot of people are having problems with the x1950pro agp
    Mostly due to OCing and overheating
    Some hope it just needs more power , But that turns out not to be the fix
    The x1950agp is ok , just don't set your hopes to high
    If you are upgrading from a very low end card , this will be a plus..
    If you have something good now , I'd just wait..
    It still no 8800
    Soon,, there is much new stuff coming!!!
    And prices are falling for the good hardware!!
    AGP is DEAD
    Why throw good money away!!
  3. yeah, i'd agree on all apart form the last bit, a) plenty of systems can run hella fast on agp, eg, the 939 boards with agp, there is quite a few, that usually means up to 2 gb of ram and up to a fx 60, your saying that isnt good enough? ive seen a x1950pro on the above described system, it flys. you see, the agp system used in the THG review was actually not that good.
  4. YEah, I put an eye on 1950xt, which accroding to ATI wants 28A, "assuming a fully loaded system".

    Question to Mpilch:
    Now, my Revoltec Star Series Chromus II supply can give out 26A and has a single 12V rail. I have 2 harddrives, C2D E6300 running at stock, and I was wondering - do I need to replace that or not? I plan to run videocard at stock speeds too.

    If I do need to upgrade: would TT Toughpower 600w be a good choice?

    (sorry for bugging you, your PSU 101 links are marvelous, but I just need your nod of approval )
  5. I just upgraded to an X1950 AGP. I heard about the heat problems so I bought an aftermarket cooler. Board works well but the cooler's so large I have to leave the side off my puter. They do run HOT and the card I have requires 2 molex connectors. Lucky for me I've a BFG 650 watt PSU that seems to be holding it's own.

    Da Worfster
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