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Last response: in Graphics & Displays
January 20, 2007 3:50:40 PM

Im looking to buy a TV tuner, however, im also going to buy a laptop once santa rosa comes out. Therefore, a USB TV tuner might be best. Id like to know if the USB interface can be a bottleneck and if a PCI interface would give better results. If so, is the difference big enough to be easily noticables.

Also, what are the kinds of features I should be looking for, what specs are most important, and what brands are best.

Im planning on plugging a digital cable reciever on it in order to record shows.

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January 20, 2007 4:29:49 PM

hauppauge is a good brand, check out the link
January 24, 2007 2:15:52 AM

i have a tv wonder 650 and so far i like it, ill be ordering its free remote tommorow :D  (lol and just figured out a way to record the moveis in divx, or other types lol) btw i actualy have some more channels with it thatn my old all in wonder had :D 
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January 24, 2007 2:21:58 AM

nice setup you got there, except for the video card and psu 8) , no offense :lol: 
January 24, 2007 2:49:11 AM

thx, lol i know(the psu, gpu part lol), I did build it about 5 months ago9lol whenever the core 2 due was awailable lol), and didnt want to get a good gpu till the dx10 cards will come out(hance i used my old psu :wink: ) and they were scheduled for December 2006 lol, but I guess ill have to wait a bit longer lol ;)  , and then ill get a good psu, and a beter gpu ;)  or maby stick with the 1950xt(xtx) maby lol, depending how much performance will come from the dx10 cards/pricewise :wink:, and maby a new monitor with that as well , since my max LCD resolution is only 1280x1024 :( 

btw what are ur cpu's temps? Nice overclock btw :D  , and sweet gpu :wink: lol
January 24, 2007 3:17:06 PM

A$$man is the Hauppauge guy. I'm the Saber2020 guy. In side-by-side comparisons, the Saber has a better picture playback quality than any others in its price range, the closest competitor being the Theater 650. I would think that would be a major consideration in your choice. Both the Saber and Theater use the pci-e interface. I know of some hardware issues on the early Theater 650's that caused the company to pull them back, so I'd be careful with that model and the version you get. Also, here a couple of other resources for you: PC-TV Page and an Anand Tech article on video capture/playback.
January 24, 2007 5:17:35 PM

Yup, i forgot to mentione this, i got my 650 one from bb, and so far i got the info that these are the revised ones, but odly enough the serial #(part #, had letter A in it, so maby i got one of those unrevised versions, lol) i had a 200 version, and had many issues with it all the time, from video quality to only geting audio , no video, i returned it, and got a 650 version, and i had no issues at all, but to be honest the instructions really suck , I still didnt figure out how to record and pause a recording (I can only stop it not pause), but i have to admit that the video quality is noticably beter than the 200 version and my oldie all-in-wonder 75000 :wink: lol, i was thinking about getnig a hauppage, but i read that the video is beter on the 650 so i went with that choice, i would suggest You would do some research like I did, so You would know what features You might like, wheather You are looking for a dual tuner( i think haupppage 5000 was a good one for that, and if im not mistaken it comes with a ir booster) I was thinking about geting that one, but since the availability was bad at that time, i picked up the theatre 650 and i have to admit i like it, and also i found out yesterday how to change the recorded video format, so Im even happier lol :wink: , i think ill try out the divx one today, and the psp one maby later one.