What is the best 24" TFT monitor at the moment?

I have seen various reviews and I found it difficult to make a good choice out of the following
24" inch monitors

* Dell 2407WFP ± € 800
* Samsung 244T ± € 970
* BenQ FP241WZ ± € 1000
* Eizo S2411W-WS ± € 1150

According to a lot of people the Eizo is the best brand. But is this true in this case as well?

The Dell is the cheapest of all and does have HDCP support and a PIP function. This one also has lot of additional input
Regaring the price/quality relation the Dell is probably the best choice for this moment. But am I right about this?
By the way money is not my bottleneck. If somebody recommends the Eizo monitor (including arguments) I could buy that one as well.

I just want to buy a very good 24" TFT monitor which will be good enough for the first couple of years. I already have a very good pc
(Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 and a EVGA 8800GTS).

Some requirements for my new monitor are:
- S-PVA panel
- HDCP support
- Picture In Picture functie
- adjustable in height
- good for gaming

Which one would be the best choice for me?
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  1. I picked up the Samsung 244T back in October for $850 and haven't looked back. Absolutely worth every penny that I paid and great for gaming. No dead pixels, no smearing, and great resolution. I've got a 7950 GX2 running it and have everything turned up in both WoW and Oblivion with zero issues.

    The only thing that I can say about the Dell is that I've heard that even though Samsung makes the panels they send the lower quality batches to Dell. Having said that, many people seem to be happy with them so it may be a case of you'd only notice the difference if you had the monitors side by side.

    The other 2 I have no experience with so I can't really comment. I will say that more expensive isn't always better. They may not be running the same volumes as Samsung, which would tend to make them cost more.

    At the end of the day I'd go with the 244T. Several of my friends have Samsung monitors and I've also got 2 of their HDTV's and I'm very impressed with their quality.

    Hope this helps.
  2. Thanks RVJII for your comments.

    And I can inform you that I bought the Samsung 244T this week.
    It isn't here yet, but I'm looking forward to the monitor.

    I have seen some reviews on trustedreviews and the 244T always wins.

    So I finally made the decision.

    Looking forward to playing farcry on the new 24"...
  3. Don't think about anything but the dell. Im using my 24" now. Have a 8800GTS powering it. everything looks amazing. I have 2 other 19" lcds. The 24 looks way better than both of them in brightness and contrast. And features. The stand that it comes is really well designed too. best one i have ever seen. and inputs. no choice for bang for the buck.
  4. i would strongly reccommend the benq FP241WZ, it's the latest.
    it has hdmi
    i have heard nothing but good things for this monitor, it is very much anticipated everywhere.
    i'm gonna be getting one soon(tomorrow) from http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php?prodid=MO-022-BQ&groupid=17&catid=510&subcat=

    i'm gonna connect
    1 ps3 via hdmi
    2 360 via vga
    3 pc via dvi
    4 sky-hd via component
    5 wii via s-input
    6 ps2 via composite
    7 and usb devices

    and it is also hdcp compliant.
  5. I also just bought the 24"Dell. It is the best on the market. It really looks great!
  6. As u noted from the above replys, everyone recommends the one that they are using, so unless they have tried the others at the same time, they are biased.

    I Can't recommend anything i haven't actually used. but i hear the samsung is pretty good.
  7. do dell even make there own monitors? I swear they just rebrand monitors made by other people.
  8. I picked up the Dell 2407 for $540 new from Dell. I also have one of their 2405's. I love them both, the newer 2407 is a little brighter.
  9. I have used at work and at home:

    The latest models of each: Dell, Gateway, Apple (23in), and Westinghouse.

    Of those, I like the Dell and the gateway best (which is what I have at home). The gateway meets all your requirements, and the only problem I see with it is the PiP memory does not stick. It seems to default to component which is kinda annoying)0.
  10. I recommend either the Dell, Samsung, BenQ, Gateway, Apple, Westinghouse, Sceptre, or the Eizo.
  11. Quote:
    I recommend either the Dell, Samsung, BenQ, Gateway, or the Eizo.

    Wow, u really narrowed down the options. 8O
  12. lolzebub
  13. Quote:
    you may want to look at the gateway 24" I just picked this one up and am very pleased. Cheaper than the Dell, better brightness but out of the box color accuracy is a little short

    I also just grabbed the Gateway 24" for less than $700. The display itself ive found to be brighter than dells monitor. If you install the software provided, and run an automated tool, the color is just fine.
    I did plenty of digging around before i made the purchase, and was convinced that it was the best. I hooked up the old' XBOX hd-dvd player up last night, and it really brings out the best in the display. Miami Vice looked awsome.
  14. Quote:
    do dell even make there own monitors? I swear they just rebrand monitors made by other people.

    I don't have hard evidence but a trusted source said Dell used to use samsung panels but have either switched suppliers or as someone has suggested, use a lesser quality Samsung panel because the picture quality isn't as good as it was in the 2001fp days.
  15. I went with the Gateway 24" after seeing one at bestbuy the picture quality was very impressive. Debating on picking up another for some awesome two way action.
  16. red_devil said:
    I recommend either the Dell, Samsung, BenQ, Gateway, or the Eizo.

    Wow, u really narrowed down the options. 8O

    Ha Ha Ha.. red_devil.. you are so funny.. I laughed out loudly when I read your comment..
  17. Someone please lock this zombie thread...

  18. lol noob resurrecting with totally useless comment
  19. Samsung all the way!
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