ATI Radeon x1900GT versus the nVidia GeForce 7900GS

Ok, I think I narrowed it down to these two cards:


Company- BFG Technologies
Name- nVidia GeForce 7900GS
Core- 525mhz
pipelines- 20
bit- 256-bit
memory- 256mb
memory clock- 1320mhz
RAMDAC- 400mhz
Price- $179


Company- Sapphire
Name- ATI Radeon x1900GT
Core- 512mhz
pipelines- 12 (36 pixel shaders)
bit- 256-bit
memory- 256mb
memory clock- 1314mhz
RAMDAC- 400mhz
Price- $169
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  1. sometimes you can find x1950pro's for under 200....thats the card to get!!

    Beats some 512mb cards, like the 7950gts for example, in some benches and looks to be a steal at that price. Either way, better than the gt or x1950pro.
    if you don't mind the rebate ;)
  3. Yeah, I cant exactly afford that... cause see I have about $390 right now. And I need a new monitor(i dropped the one im using and broke it, i can barely see anything). And on newegg i found a nice widescreen monitor for $190. So with that I have $200 left, and I dont want to cut myself completely short on cash so I was looking to buy a card around $150
  4. Here is a link that compares the two cards. Also you should find some more links to reviews on these cards then hopefully you will be able to make your decision. :wink:
  5. This x1900GT is 10 dollars cheaper than the one you posted originally.
  6. Newegg's sister site has the same Sapphire for $11 less shipped. And they actually ship from the same warehouses.

    Only thing I don't like about the X1900GT is that the card was $139 shipped back in December through Newegg. And the 7900GS has been as low as $135 through Best Buy retail stores. Anyway, both good cards if priced the same, but the X1900GT is >= the 7900GS in my eyes( or equal to Oc'd versions), so for less money it's the card to get.
  7. Quote:
    Newegg's sister site has the same Sapphire for $11 less shipped. And they actually ship from the same warehouses.

    You have me beat by $1.13 and a VGA-> DVI adapter. :wink:
  8. :lol:

    Just thought I'd show him the same Sapphire can be found cheaper in case he would rather stick to that brand.
  9. X1900GT = X1950 Pro

    X1900GT = 150$
    X1950Pro = 200$

    Now the answer is clear..

    The 7900GS isnt as good as either of those and costs more than 160$.

    X1900GT for the win.
  10. Quote:
    X1900GT = X1950 Pro

    If you consider overclocking, true. Or maybe even a rev 1 X1900GT is above a X1950 pro after max overclock (look at GW's X1900GT). But at stock speeds X1950 pro > X1900GT rev1 > X1900GT rev2 (like the ones we link). I'd still take a rev 2. X1900GT over a 7900GS, especially if it's cheaper.
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