Computer Randomly Shuts Down. What is the problem?

You can see from my signature what my specs are. Currently my cpu is at the default speed 2.4, with default mobo settings.

My computer has been working fine until lately I get a random shutdown.

Any idea what this might be.. maybe powersupply?

FYI: The air coming out of my powersupply is warm/hot, unlike all of my other case fans.

Thanks for the Help
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  1. Do you mean the PSU is blowing hot air INTO the case?

    Also, what are your BIOS temps?
  2. Yes, this is a common indication of a failing psu. A capacitator or resister starts to go bad and at a given heat level, it fails or causes an automatic shutdwon to try to protect the rest of the computer. You might have a monitering program from your motherboard which will tell you voltage levels from the psu, such as ASUS Probe, or something similar. If so, take a look at the readings and see if any are off spec. Another thing to do is to download and use speedfan to moniter temps. Even these may not help if the psu just fails without warning, that is, no rise in temp or change in voltage.

    Do check in the BIOS to make sure you have the required amount of voltage for the cpu and ram. Sometimes the default voltages will be too low for the ram, i.e., running 1.8v when it should be 2.1v, or some other variance. But if the BIOS voltages are set right, the main suspect I see is the psu, and if the psu is going bad, its best to replace it before some hardware gets damaged.
  3. I'd say the memory. I had the same problem - run Memtest86 and if it fails manually set the timings and voltage per OCZ (their tech support is good so try them too). If their is still failures (ANY failures) the memory is bad and should be returned to the store you got them from (or OCZ if you want to do that).

  4. Thank You all for your input:

    The PSU is blowing hot air out of the case. What I meant was it had the hottest air coming out of it, compared to my other 120mm radiator fan.

    My memory voltage is set at 2.1 and timings of 4-4-4-15 (what the ram is meant to be set at).

    All of my temps are fine on the motherboard, cpu and video card.
  5. I had the same problem....Check the connector from the PSU to the CPU power connector. If you have a 4 pin one connected, remove the plastic from the other four pins and connect the 8 pin from the PSU. They should be on the same cable. I have a P5B Deluxe, so I'm sure your mobo is the same. :) PM me to tell me if it worked or you need a better explanation. :)

    EDIT: I just checked and saw that there is no 8 pin power connector for the P5W DH. Reseat your memory. That might be the problem.
  6. Sorry about that. Thought that I had it in my sig.

    It is a Hiper Type-R 580watt.

    Along with all of the other things in my sig, I am also running a watercooling loop which may draw extra power.
  7. I hope you are kidding me.

    My only question is why have I not had any problems with this power supply until this past week (Have had it for 7 months)?
  8. Don't those have less wattage then my Hiper or is it really all about the 12volt rails?

    Is it possible I could resell this power supply or is it damaged?
  9. On Newegg's site under the specifications they list the rails to be:


    Doesn't that add up to 38A?
  10. So if I were to get a new power supply I would definitely want it to be modular, quiet and cheap.

    Any suggestions?
  11. If I wanted to upgrade to a G80/R600 or the like in the next year, would buying the 620watt Corsair be able to power that?
  12. Maybe I should wait and see?

    Here is a little info:
  13. Another interesting piece of information I found...

    Read the last paragraph of the bottom of the page.

    Corsair Article

    Looks like this 620 watt psu can pack a mean punch (found it for 128 after rebate of ZZF)!
  14. I have one more question.

    Whenever I start up my computer, in order for my monitor to work (Apple 23" Cinema Display) I have to pull out the USB plug, and put it into another port

    Does this have to do with the power supply?
  15. I think I will go with the Corsair 620watt psu.

    I can get it off for 120 after rebates and coupons!

    Any idea what I can do with the Hiper psu?
  16. I am actually having second thoughts on the Corsair.

    I was able to find the OCZ GameXstream 700watt for only 103 after rebate on

    That is an amazing deal. The only thing the power supply is lacking is modular cabling. However, I think I should be able to find some nooks and crannies in my case to hide the cabling.

    Should I go for it?
  17. Quote:
    I have one more question.

    Whenever I start up my computer, in order for my monitor to work (Apple 23" Cinema Display) I have to pull out the USB plug, and put it into another port

    Does this have to do with the power supply?

    You need a USB to run your 23" for what reason?
    Isn't it run off your DVI cable?
    Or is it just the USB hub on the monitor wont work until you move USB ports.
    Make sure the USB ports you are using from your mobo are powered.
  18. For some reason the apple display uses a dvi cable PLUS a firewire port and a usb port.

    The monitor WILL NOT show a picture until I switch the usb plug for some reason. This has not always been the case though, which is why I think something may be wrong with the power supply as it is not giving enough power to all components and is not running properly.
  19. Well I am about 99% sure its your PSU.
    Any time I have encountered a faulty PSU it starts blowing hot air.
    If you have decent cooling in your case, it should be room temp. from the PSU.

    Also to confirm your PSU may be faulty is that it's not supplying enough power through the USB cable to the monitor.

    Like everyone else has suggested, a new PSU may be in order. You may have a buddy you can sell your existing PSU to for cheap, but let him/her know the problem and if he/she encounters any problems just don't have them pay you for it. Let him/her take it for a trial run for a couple weeks on his/her system.

    This could also confirm if you PSU was just not enough power or defective.
  20. Stupid question here. When you say it shuts down, are you saying that it will suddenly go through the complete shutdown process as if you did it manually?

    I thought a bad PS or other hardware failure would cause an auto reboot or a sudden shut off.

    I am wondering if it might be another issue that causes a shut down, or it is really going into hibernate or sleep mode.
  21. I will be using the computer and BAM screen goes black and computer turns off.

    The computer most of the time tries to restart.

    Yet the computer seems to have some power problems, as my cold cathodes start spazzing and sometimes the the computer shuts down/restarts multiple times.

    I really think it is a psu problem, thus I will get a new psu that can handle my system (OCZ GameXstream 700 watt). At the same time I will return the power supply to the manufacturer and then resell the replacement they send to me.

    All in all it should work out, just time wasted :(
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