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My question is, is that I have 2 512 sticks of Rosewill cheap ram at timings 2.5 3 3 7 , they no longer make that ram so I'd like to add 2 1 gig sticks timings are 3 4 4 8 should I have any trouble running this setup, here's the link for the ram


I do some gaming, but I'm not ready to buy a new system (too many new things coming out)

Eventually I'll use this system as file storage, server, and folding.

Any help would be appreciated

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  1. I assume Rosewill is PC3200 so you should be OK with the suggested 2 pairs of sticks. :)

    I personally have 2 sticks of RAM with different speeds, and they run alright together, but both at the speed of the lowest speed stick. :?
  2. No matter what the timings, you shouldn't have any problems running both together. However, all the RAM will run at the speed and timings of the slowest RAM installed.
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