What coolant does the majority of watercoolers here use?

I started off using the green Koolance liquid until I let an unused portion sit an sedimentation built up at the bottom. Not a good sign. Since then I've been using their blue liquid in my Danger Den setup an it holds up pretty good. I dilute the liquid with distilled water.
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  1. The majority of Forum users stick to H2O :)
  2. I use distilled water with Zerex.

    I'd say only change the coolant in the system if your temps go up noticeably or if has been 1 year since your last change.
    It'd probably be worth redoing the tubing if there is any noticeable build-up of gunk, and clean the blocks too.
  3. One advantage that pc coolants have over normal water is the lubricating properties and the variety of colors.
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