Finally have $ to upgrade from 5200. Any Suggestions?

I was thinking of either getting an x1950 pro and then waiting to upgrade my gpu again after cristmas this year and after I get a c2d, but i was wondering if it would be better for me to wait to benefit from the price drops of r 600 but im thinking that i might be waiting a long time. Also since gaming on my computer right now is really more of a slide show i think it would be worth while to buy a newer card (around 200$) insted of wait for lower end dx 10 cards. any idea when lower end dx 10 cards might come out?
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  1. Do you have an AGP or a PCIe slot?
  2. if you gonna upgrade RIGHT now, then go for x1950 pro. I did last month!
    either agp or pci-e...doesn't matter.

    yes, if you wait something better will come. But it will always be like that.
    There is never a good time to upgrade. This card will hold you off for a year or 2. It's not like dx9 games will vanish.
    Every dx10 game will be backwards compatible.
  3. Yes AGP of PCIe matters because the difference in price between both versions is about $70.

    If he said he was going to upgrade to dx10 later exhausting his bank account on the highest price AGP card now wouldn't be the best idea, no?
  4. i have an intel 975xbx mobo so a pci e
  5. What games do you plan on playing?

    X1950pro should probably hold you over till DX10.
  6. Forget about the 'benifits of a price drop' so much as the potential of interesting mid-range cards from the new batch of cards. The GF8600 and X2600 series would be worth looking at and waiting a short while for (they're supposed to come out around the time of the R600, so a few weeks away). I don't expect much price drops in the mid-range until they come out, and then only if they are worthwhile better.

    Here's a review of the latest mid-range for some idea of relative performances;
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