Removing Startup Menu by Grou Policy in 2003

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Hi All,

Just woindering if any GP Gurus can help me out on a problem I have

I am runing a Small Business Server 2003 in which I needed a user to get in
to access 1 program only

What I did was create a OU called Remote User and created an user within it
which I gave admin rights (oooooooohhhhhhhhh nnnnnnoooooo, reason for this
is I had to do this as Terminal Server "Application Mode" has been stripped
from SBS and only admins can access terminal server?.

What I tried to do it give the user admin rights which would allow him to
access the terminal server then take all his access away by putting a GP on
the OU, which has all worked fined except I have only 3 options left in the
start menu which are the following:

Start->Settings-> Windows Security (GP'd to only allow "Log Off" and
Log Off User

I have disable everything I possibly can for desktop access etc which all
works fine and user is limited in doing anything apart from selecting one of
the above Start Menu options.

Only problem I have is I can't get rid of the startup menu which is the only
hole I have as the user can double click and open it then right click to get
the "New" menu so he can created a shortcust to any file on the server which
I don't want.

Anyway can I remove the Startup/Settings menu totally from the Start Menu
using GP as I can't seem to find an solutions or any other suggestions.

Thanx in advance.
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  1. Archived from groups: microsoft.public.win2000.group_policy (More info?)

    Hi Again,

    Well I managed to remove the Startup folder by hiding it but I was still
    left with an empty "Programs" menu which I could also double click and get
    access to the New Menu.

    What I did was went into users profile and denied access for that user to
    his Programs which has at least stop access to it but can I still remove the
    "Programs" & "Settings" menu alltogether from the start menu?

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