USB 2.0 doesn't work

I had ASUS P4PE motherboard working fine for few years, but few weeks back it went dead. One of my friend had ASUS P4PE-X, so i figured if i buy new MB then i had to reinstall all the drivers or worst reinstall windows. I got the ASUS P4PE-X and installed in my system and the system started fine. The only issue i have now is that USB 2.0 is not working, it only works in USB 1.1 mode and sometimes not even that. Sometimes when i insert any USB 2.0 device it gives a message "USB Device not Recognized, one of the USB devies attached to this computer has malfunctioned etc..." Please advice.

System Config:
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 2.4 Ghz (Northwood)
MB : ASUS P4PE-X (previously ASUS P4PE)
MEM: 1 Gig
OS : Windows XP Pro
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  1. Go to your hardward device manager and see if you have listing for a 2.0 USB Enhanced host controller without an exclamation mark.
    If the 2.0 driver is not there, download it from the Intel web site.

    If you have a non OEM 2.0 PCI card inserted, use their 2.0 driver by loading the disk in the CD/DVD player with the exe. file open. Shut the computer down and let the OS find the exe. upon startup. Good Luck
  2. Thanks for your response macawman. I checked in Device Manager and everything seems fine under USB Controllers. Below is the listing

    -> Universal Serial Bus Controllers
    -> Generic USB Hub
    -> Intel PCI to USB Enhanced Host Controller
    -> Intel(R) 8280 1DB/DBM USB Universal Host Controller - 24C2
    -> Intel(R) 8280 1DB/DBM USB Universal Host Controller - 24C4
    -> Intel(R) 8280 1DB/DBM USB Universal Host Controller - 24C7
    -> USB 2.0 Root Hub
    -> USB Mass Storage Device
    -> USB Root Hub
    -> USB Root Hub
    -> USB Root Hub

    There is no 2.0 PCI Card on the MB. It's whatever MB came with.

    OS - Windows XP SP2

    Please advice...
  3. Did you try reinstalling the drivers?

    and Usually Windows won't work with a new mobo...

    Maybe you might need to reinstall windows, but I wouldn't think so....
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