Are old DDR sticks compatible with new DDR2 motherboards?

I have been shopping around trying to build a new system. To save a few bucks at the beginning I was hopping to use my old DDR 400 sticks until I can upgrade later. Can I do this?
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  1. Sorry. DDR Ram has 184 pins. DDR2 RAM has 240 pins. Want to guess the likelihood of successfully getting your 184 memory to work in a 240 pin slot?
  2. Hmmm, 184 divided by 240 = 0% chance.
  3. Quote:
    Hmmm, 184 divided by 240 = 0% chance.

    well you learn something everyday
    I thought 184 divided by 240 = 0.766666667

    the only way you can use DDR ram in a new system is if you use the ASROCK 775Dual VSTA Motherboard
    it supports DDR, DDR2, AGP and PCIE

    the board has its downsides though
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