Are there any problems with the P5N-E Sli?

That I'm not aware of? I know it has a bad NB chipset cooler but I'm planning on getting the HR-05 SLi cooler to fix that. Might I have to put a heatsink on the SB too?

Right now the 650i Board looks attractive to me because it looks to be a good overclocker with SLi capabilities but are there better boards for the money?

The P5B Deluxe looks attractive too, even without the SLi capabilities (because I don't really care about SLi, just like to have the option) is it as good or better than the P5N-E?
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  1. the thing that worries me most (& I've got 1) is that the BIOS chip is soldered & not socketed - a bad flash= new mobo instead of just replacing the BIOS chip.
    There are other 650i mobos coming in the next month or so albeit they'll probably be dearer. if you aren't depserate to get something this week I would wait & see.
  2. I'm not desperate. I read around and found that the P5B is a good solid board and it is also SLi capable. It also has better cooling than the P5N-E.
    It is also has a better layout than the P5N-E. And it isn't bleeding edge new so it won't have too many problems. I think I will get the P5B :)
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