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Hi All,

I haven't kept up with C&C, but want to start play again, however,
I'm looking for steps/tips on:

1) A strong opening build sequence for USA, China, and GLA.
2) Which combination of units you find most effective.
3) Any home base defensive tips

Any constructive feedback is much appreciated.

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    On 30 Jul 2004 15:10:19 -0700, wbc8243@hotmail.com (BeanoGuy) wrote:

    >Hi All,
    >I haven't kept up with C&C, but want to start play again, however,
    >I'm looking for steps/tips on:
    >1) A strong opening build sequence for USA, China, and GLA.

    Strong build orders depend on the amount of resources available, and also
    depend on the map. However, build sequences tend to be fairly straight
    forward - the only problem is to keep on building without any latency.
    (e.g. having to click on the icon because you don't know the hotkey.)

    >2) Which combination of units you find most effective.

    Generally, I find that I should keep a few AT soldiers on reserve - even
    though infantry get killed easily, they are quite good for defending when
    you're in a crunch. (Although, EA still needs to fix the problem of AT
    soldier armies being crushed by a single tank.)

    In any case, here's what I know (based on single player - if anything here
    is wrong, than it's EA's fault):
    - Pathfinders + Missile Defenders inside a Humvee. They may be a bit
    weaker or less resource efficient against most other units, but they do
    help the SW and AF generals keep a good tank force. Battle drone will help
    the humvees in the early stage, but are easily taken down.
    - Raptors and King raptors can be used to defend an area, while sending
    Auroras through that corridor.
    - Don't bother with sentry drone guns: That will just make them detected
    and destroyed quickly.

    - China has a powerful early rush attack. Get the Red Guard Veteren
    general power, build two barracks, and build a large quantity of those
    units. (It is counterable, but is much more dangerous with the infantry
    - Overlord tanks (or helixes) should be built in either pairs or triads.
    That way, they make their own combination.
    - Nuke Cannon can be used to soften up enemy defences or assault forces.
    Your battlemaster tanks can do even further damage.
    - Ungarrison the units within the Listening Outpost: they'll mess up the
    stealth ability.

    - Rocket buggies seem to be overpowered, especially when backed up with

    Other than that, the game is fairly straight forward. Nothing seems to be
    that special.

    >3) Any home base defensive tips

    - The USA economy is vulnerable to an early rush of Anti-Air. Thus, try to
    find ways to counter Rocket-Vees (AT soldiers early on), Quad cannons
    (Tanks), and Gatling Tanks (Also tanks).
    - Patriot missles should be built first, as they are strong against tanks,
    and okay against infantry. The second line behind the patriots should be
    firebases - they can take out units that try to run past, as well as
    infantry attacking the patriots. (SW General's patriots are effectivly an
    invulnerability device against tanks.)

    - China should use bunkers for defence. Gatling cannons should be deployed

    - GLA should use Stinger sites for defence, as they are anti-tank and
    anti-air. Anti-infantry isn't needed that much, and can be emulated by
    just one nearby tunnel network.

    And finally, if you can find a way to increase the default zoom, do so.
    Most of the attacks in Generals are greater than a half-screen, making it a
    bit difficult to keep your eye on the action.
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