Wireless File Sharing Problems !

Netgear have recently replaced my faulty DG834G V2 with a new DG834G V3.

Since installing the new DG834G V3 I cannot acces shared files on my PC
over the wireless network.

I initially thought that the DG834G was blocking access to the LAN but I spoke to Netgear technical support and they advised that it was the settings on my PC that had to be re-configured for the new router and not the router itself that was causing the problem. My PC is connected to the DG834G via a LAN connection.

Obviously, something is blocking access to the shared files on my PC and I can only assume that it is the router. However, Netgear have told me that it is the PC causing the problem and I now have no idea how to resolve this issue.

I uninstalled Norton Internet Security 2006 to see if this resolved the problem but it made no difference.

Prior to installing the DG834G V3 I was using a Linksys WAG54GS which I installed and had running perfectly within 10 minutes of taking out of the box. However, I have since returned this unit to the shop because it kept dropping the ADSL and LAN connections.

This file sharing problem has only materialised since installing the DG834G V3.

The strange thing is that I can print wirelessly from my laptop via the printer connected by USB to the PC but I can't see or share files.

I also have a Sounbridge M1000 music server that connects wirelessly to my PC music files library via Windows Media Connect but this is also no longer working.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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  1. When you try to connect to the other PCs are you connecting through My Network Places and using a Workgroup or something to connect or have you tried to connect via IP address?

    Go to start > run > \\x.x.x.x where "x" is the address of another computer on your network. See if that works. If it does you may just have to reconfigure your workgroup.
  2. well can you ping the other pc on the network? it could be a firewall blocking your connection to the other pc. if one pc can ping the other and not the other way then you have a firewall blocking the connection between the two pc's. :wink:
  3. Since you can indeed share printers, I would recommend you run the "New Network Connection Wizard" from windows XP. I know, for some experts that seems useless but it's solved many problems for me in the past because it pretty much sets the computers up from scratch and usually doesn't make any irreversible changes.
  4. Well, the simplest thing would be to connect whatever two computers are having this problem together with a crossover cable. This will take the router out of the equation. If the problem goes away, then you can be relatively sure it's something to do with the router. And, speaking from experience, most tech support places aren't actually interested in solving your problems, and will tell you whatever gets you off the phone the quickest. You have to do some homework before contacting them so you can refute whatever garbage they try to tell you.
  5. Amen on that, it seems they give bonuses to some support centers to encumber the user experience. No mean to offend anyone working as one that does a good job though!
  6. Thankyou for the posts.

    After some re-configuring of setting on the main PC I can now share files wirelessly between my laptop and PC.

    The only device that it not now working is the Roku Soundbridge. I can ping the Roku from both my PC and laptop and I can access the Roku via entering the devices IP address in my web browser.

    The Roku is connected to my home hifi and plays music stored on my PC wirelessly with Windows Media Connect (installed on the PC) acting as a server.

    When the Windows Media Connect software is opened, all available devices on the netwrok are shown in the devices window. However, the Roku is nowhere to be seen.
  7. You probably need to contact the manufacturer of that device to determine what the problem is.
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