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Hey, I'm currently using Netgear's WGT624 Router. And it works fine. I share a house with 3 others.

2 computers are directly connected to the router and 2 laptops are connected through Wireless. (the two wireless laptops ain't using Netgear cards, they are connecting through intergrated wireless card).

Now it works great but lately, I've been experiencing connection problems not with wireless connection but my two computer that's directly connected. So times the computers directly connect to the router would experience either:

-Connection lag
-3-5 minutes freezes
-Disconnection from internet.

But I've noticed during these thing, the wireless laptops are still connected and working fine. There rarely experience connection lag. Or disconnect (Unless i restart the router).

What I have also noticed is that when the computers Directly connected to the router downloads files (at around 200-300kb/s) the wireless laptops rarely feels connection stress or disconnection. But when the wireless laptops starts downloading, The two computers that are directly connected would start to slow down, and experience problems I've listed above.

So I was wondering if there was anyway i could fix this. Would it help is i Disable "Advanced 108Mbps Features"? Or is there anyway i could set a speed limit to wireless connection.

Thanks in advanced.
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  1. Very unusual for wired to be having problem. I would check to see if your router supports QoS. XP Pro does, Home ??. I have uninstalled QoS on all of MY PC's. But it can be very useful if setup correctly, router must support it. It is a way of controling bandwidth. Default is max 20% of bandwidth. QoS is mainly for application priority through put.

    If the wireless are runing P2P software, you can set bandwidth for them to use on most.

    Have you checked with netgear to see if they have any firmware updates. Most cases this can only be corrected by a firmware update. Unless you are having a hardware problem on the wired pc's, not likely, unless the router is having the problem.

    Disabling the 108 will not have a impact for the wired side. But killing 108 will slow the wireless if the wireless pc's are using it. Must be running netgear cards for this support.
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